UH is cursed with injuries

UH is cursed with injuries the last 5 years.


The same again, No doubt if Shead not injurd the Coogs beat Duke. I really thought this the year, but UH cant have a season with a big injury or injuries for the tournament. Evert year. It gets old. Someday the Coogs will get the year everything aligns.


Pretty much.

We did not lose to the better team.

We win this game with Shead….

As bad as we feel as fans I know the team and coaches are crushed.


Certainly not the only team with injuries though we’ve definitely been unlucky a couple times. Is what it is.

My belief is our frenetic energy in practice and games helps us win but it comes at a cost of increased injuries.


Thats the tournament though. A lot of teams have injuries. The best team often does not always win. Some things have to go your way to win it all. especially in a one and done scenario where you have to win 6 straight.


I agree we win this game with Shead, but only because this team didn’t know how function without him.

This team lost its entire identity without him.

If we had a week to plan without Shead, we probably win this game too.

We lost by 3 points.


F*** it run it back next year. Everyone has eligibility for next year if they want to come back. Have Tillman offer Shead, Cryer, and Roberts big NIL.


Even Scheyer knew what it meant with Shead being out as he started out with that in the post game interview.


I don’t think Shead comes back honestly.

His stock is high enough to get a deep G-League stint. Not sure he makes it to a roster, but unless he gets some big NIL deal, I think he’s a goner.

I’m sure Cryer and Roberts will test the waters too.

Maybe I’m just coping but the way this ended for Shead has to be killing him. I agree he probably declares for the draft but maybe he comes back to finish what he started.

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I think it’s going to depend on how the roster looks comes next season.

Kelvin and Jamal will definitely have conversations, and Kelvin is not selfish. If he feels it’s best for Jamal to move on, he’ll tell him.


I’m convinced at this point that the injuries are as a result of th way we play. Not sure what the solution is.

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He’s gone. If he wasn’t, he gets back out there and toughs it out in an attempt to will the team to a win.

Over it. Same story, different season

Dunn and Wilson probably will not come back next year.

Why would Wilson not come back?

With UH defense and rebounding def doesnt will. Championships. Need to retool to a more offensive team, the team is tooled as if CKS is still is just starting at UH.

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I disagree. Defense wins. When you lose POY and one of the top PG’s in the country that runs the offense, it’s hard to advance in the tournament. Not to mention, we lost JoJo and TA. That’s three guys lost to injuries that were played by at a high level. I think we advance to the finals if those guys stay healthy, and if so, we aren’t having this debate


You can get by with injuries against A&M but not against Duke

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Let’s not go after student athletes.