UH @ Lamar - Wednesday 6pm (L 2-0)

Have yet to play a game this year, first 7 games were canceled from COVID within their program. No idea if they’ll be ready to go by Wednesday

Fans are allowed though so at least it’s another chance to catch a game in person


I like our chances.

will be streamed via Lamar’s athletic site


Due to the cancellations, Trevin Michael will be the Cardinals opening-day starter. A junior from Piedmont, Okla., Michael posted a 2-1 record during the COVID-shortened season with a 2.42 ERA in 26 innings. He finished the year with 32 strikeouts to just nine walks.

Suboptimal. Went down for a minute after stepping on the bag funny running down the line

No Rivas is out - Benjamin subbed in for him. Hope it is just an ankle tweak. Funny camera angle on the Lamar feed - I could not see anything of what happened, but Rivas was beating out a bunt single and may have stepped on first base awkwardly.

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A rough night with the bats for the good guys.

Yeah, I believe that’s what happened.

True - the Lamar starting pitcher looked very sharp. On the other side, the UH pitching by committee has limited Lamar to one hit - maybe it is a cold night - ball not carrying - early in the year…


Wow…great catch by Lamar in the 8th…robbing Coogs of double or triple. Still zip zip

Scoreless to bottom of 8. Our pitcher strikes out first 2. We change pitchers. Batter gets a hit and rounds first and our Catcher air mails the ball into center field advancing the runner to 3rd. With 2 outs. Then Lamar gets 2 more singles to score another run. Yikes…

I was mystified - looked at the stats - Prayer faced 15 batters, all outs except one error he made himself, with 5 Ks looking. Total command. I kept looking to see if he acted hurt or looked funny. I did not see anything to cause the change. - but I agree this was the just another perverse in game decision.

Awful, awful decision. Unless Prayer is hurt, you don’t pull him with 2 outs when he just struck out 2 guys in a row.

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Maybe Whitting just didn’t want this game to go extras. Got his wish. Bad loss.

A frustrating element is that no one will get an explanation of whatever thinking went into the decision to pull Prayer. Probably I am better off not knowing what the thinking was.

Watched it while working…any idea what his pitch count was at ?

I tried to find the pitch count and did not see it as part of the “live stats” link/webpage. Prayer did face 15 batters so a reasonable estimate is 65 - 75.

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