UH Launching an Innovation Hub


The University of Houston will expand its impact on teaching and research by launching an Innovation Hub in the center of campus, becoming the city’s epicenter for a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovation and Economic Development are values deeply rooted in the ethos of the University of Houston and a priority to become a Top 50 public research university. The strategic plan identifies the need to integrate these efforts, build engagement, both internally and externally, and accelerate their impact on our students, faculty, and school pride.

This new 70,000 square-foot, high-tech complex is set to open in Fall 2025, and will house a makerspace, the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, the Energy Transition Institute, innovation programs, and Presidential Frontier Faculty labs and offices.

The Innovation Hub will be an immersive environment to market ideas and conduct commercialized research, expanding university-industry collaboration to leverage the strengths of academia and business for developing creative solutions.


I’m wondering where they are putting it.


Same here.

Is the plan to build this at Tech Bridge?

Says Center of campus so I’m assuming not.

It’s going where college of technology was. It’s in the master plan. 70k sqft is a little small

The insperity classroom and business building is 140k sqft for comparison.


A friend of mine was just hired by the Houston Greater Partnership as their new
Innovation Director. Her mission is to pull together all of the diverse efforts in Houston to attract and grow innovative companies and products into one collaborative effort. She’s a pretty brilliant person herself and it’ll be interesting to follow this and see where it goes.


Master plan renderings have it next to the architecture building:

Unless the IDEA Center is different than the Innovation Hub. Seems kind of redundant…

The original release said center of campus. I wouldn’t consider the Cameron building site as center. Also I think that IDEA lab is something else.