UH leading research into global ice melt in Anarctica

UH Moment: New Radar Technology Records Antarctic Glacier Loss – Houston Public Media

From the article:

“If all ice above floatation in Antarctica would melt, the sea level would go up on average by 58 meters (190 feet),” Milillo said. “If the signals we are looking at are confirmed, the mass loss from Antarctica, as well as Greenland, will rise. As they rise, the sea level will increase.”

“If all these glaciers melt, the sea water could raise rapidly. With 267 million people worldwide living on land less than 2 meters (6.6 feet) above sea level, an abrupt migration could result. Also, subsidence could eventually see large structures sinking in vulnerable locales, including Houston,” Milillo said. “That’s why people should care about this issue. Even if doesn’t affect their life, it will affect their kid’s life and their grandkid’s life.”


Waste of money. Climate change is a hoax


If we all could get behind Lt Gov. Dan Patrick on doing
away with tenure, we could shut all this “research”
down too.


The same people or likes said that the planet would be under water in the 70’s.
alIINVENTEDTHEINTERNETigotthegore that calls himself the “greenkaleking” flies on private jets and…has a custom home that has a huge, mega polution foot print.
Deedee dayiamnotacaprio drives a Tesla but loves to meander around the world on private jets. Remember a few years ago when he tweeted on his private plane going from Australia to California within the same day. Oh that is a true believer.

You still believe in this hoax !
There is always somebody that doesn’t get the message.

He is still the same individual that portrays himself as the I, I am the man that will save the planet gore while he ONLY flies private jets around the same EARTH.
Look it it up about his house. HE IS MAKING A FORTUNE DOING SO.
I am using capitalized characters because he is the perfect example of d.c. prostitutes politicians.

Okay…but to get back on topic, this isn’t a “I like Al/ I hate Al” thread, I’m glad to see a UH professor involved in the research. Good for the school too. The radar being deployed will be able to show glacier loss from 3 named glaciers on a monthly basis.

Climate change is real. It’s been real since the earth has existed and it will continue to change long after we are no longer on earth. I don’t dispute that the climate is changing, I do dispute that we are the cause of this change. I feel it’s a cycle the earth moves though and will continue to do so as long as it exists. Periods of warming followed by periods of cooling.

Not all of it but it’s an undeniable fact that CO2
in the atmosphere traps heat and has had an effect. The current rates of increase of man-induced atmospheric CO2 is not sustainable for an environment that can support human life.

We need to think in terms of transition. No one is going to turn spigots completely off tomorrow or next year or next decade but we need a paradigm shift. It may sound like a worn out cliché but we need to think of future generations.

My geology professor told me we are in a cooling trend.

Idk I’m not a professor that went to college 20 years like he was. He said he loved being in college almost until age 40. Lol

There was never an academic question related to geology or any academic question anyone asked that he didn’t know the answer to. Professor Glenn Wharton County Junior College. Smartest person I have ever met.

Norilsk Russia nickel mines. Look it up. Terrible pollution going on there.

Do you believe CO2 levels have been steady since 1959 ?
What do you think the rising CO2 levels we see are due too ?
Do you think the UC San Diego data is “fake” ?

Do you think the surface of the planet is in a reforestation stage , deforestation, or forest levels
remain the same?

My current understanding is that much of the CO2 comes from rising temperatures and the release from tundra in Arctic climates. The rising temps are mostly natural and cyclical.


The graphs shows a saw tooth up and down motion , on an increasing trend, that corresponds
very nicely with northern hemisphere’s spring/summer and fall/winter cycle. CO2 drops each
year as the plants awaken and reach maximum intake. It rises in the fall/winter seasons as plants go dormant. The Tundra would experience the largest warming during warm season, and if it was the main source, we would not see the saw-tooth graph effect. So while year round, the tundra warming may contribute to some CO2 , is it the main source ? OTOH it’s pretty easy to calculate the billions of barrels of oil consumed annually and the released CO2 from that volume.

I would like to see peer reviewed studies show the tundra as the main source of CO2 in the atmosphere. The tundra may already show the tipping point has already been reached.

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Even most oil and gas companies are accepting that rising CO2 emissions are impacting climate change. It’s not a hoax or a lie. You can certainly credibly argue with how much it’s causing, the near term severity, who is at fault for driving it, or how to solve. But not that it’s there.

That’s JMO and I work in the oil and gas industry,


You have as much scientists disputing climate change due to us as the ones saying there is climate change due to us. The only difference is that the ones disputing it are ostracized by the mainstream media.

Climate change “orators” are getting rich, very rich. It is an industry by itself.
This is after a 30 seconds search:

Let’s look at Josh’s speaking fees. He seems like a likeable guy.

$100,000 or more…

Yes I previously mentioned alinventedtheinternetthegorillagore. What does he charge?
Before I divulge his nicely speaking fee figure let’s all look at a review:

The visit of Vice President Gore was a roaring success. His Forum speech and dinner address were superb and riveting… The man is truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air, the world cannot be reminded of this fact often enough… Thank you for your hard work and effort in making the event such a great success.
- The Ganley Group of Companies

I know you are impatient. Here it is.

Did you notice the resemblance?

Competitive Enterprises Institute vs NASA. Hmm . . .

“The current warming trend is of particular significance because it is unequivocally the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over millennia.”

I believe the rise and fall in temperature is natural and cyclical and is something that has occurred here on earth way before us and will continue after we are not here. Our contribution to it is not significant. You can do everything the climate folks want you to do and the climate will continue to change.

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When are we going back to global cooling


Some of you that “promotes” the human induced climate change doctrine are also in favor of the Paris accord.
What does the Paris accord do with China and Russia?
At the same time biden said he would kill the coal industry.
Who’s kidding whom?