UH leads Coalition's bid to receive $1B in Hydrogen Funds


UH will be the lead academic institution on the application, but Douchette said at least six other schools have signed a memorandum of understanding to join the coalition: the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M University, Lamar University, Prairie View A&M University and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station. Two additional schools, University of Texas at Austin and Texas Southern University, are also considering joining the coalition, Douchette said.

I’m surprised UT would want to be part of something where they are not the lead academic institution.
UH: UT, no thank you. I think we got it.

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More to be gained from co-operation and collaboration.

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It was a joke but yes, good ideas can come from collaboration.

UT being UT , it may not be a joke :frowning:
They sure aren’t into collaboration on super computer centers or data
science centers.

I could see them working with A&M and Rice and doing a competing application.
You know, an AAU club thing.

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