UH must run the table to rekindle the buzz

Knives in the media are starting to come out already.

UH must run the table to rekindle the buzz
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Herman kept blaming himself and his staff this week. Players pulled the mirror away and pointed it at themselves, ending a practice with team captains calling for 30 self-inflicted up-downs, then starting the drudgery over midway through because UH couldn’t even flop right.

“It’s all on the leaders,” senior quarterback Greg Ward Jr. said. “We have to do a better job of getting the team ready. It’s not on the coaches. It’s not on anybody else but the leaders.”

Easy to take shots when we are wounded and bloodied…

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They still have so much to play for…bring some momentum for next year, regain some swagger vs Louisville, etc

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I’m struggling to find a single word of that piece that I disagree with. I still haven’t found anything.


Sadly, the headline is true. We need to get the buzz back to build the fan base.


Okay I’ll admit I do not know what an up down/flop is but apparently the team failed in performing them as a rebuke from the captains.


WHATEVER is lingering below the emotional radar IS STILL THERE and all the self analysis articles by the home town writers “ain’t” gonna make it go away.

THE OBVIOUS ONE is where CTH will reside after the season ends.

THAT ONE is still up the air and all the closeness that existed before and kissing each player before the game is NOT going make that distraction GO AWAY.

Add to that the fighting in the locker room which injured one of our key defensive players …

And we still appear to be in the same place but still going down in a death spiral …

Maybe this Sat that spiral will stop … maybe …

as (literally) hundreds from the stands rushed the field to celebrate the Mustangs’ version of chopping down Florida State in the Peach Bowl. - This made me laugh…

but this is what got me…

"If you’re teaching a chemistry class and everybody got a D on the chemistry test, you probably need to look at yourself and say, ‘How good of a teacher am I?’ " said Herman, who has done wonders for the Cougars since his December 2014 hire but also has dropped three games a properly prepared UH team would have never lost.

A lot of coaches wouldn’t have the honesty and guts to look at it like that. I think this is what the fans are seeing and Herman is owning up to it. Bravo CTH! It takes a man to realize it all ain’t just execution by the players. Increased penalties, mental errors, regression from the OLine and defensive secondary… Those are on the coaches.


A lot of coaches wouldn’t insult his opponent giving them more motivation. A lot of coaches wouldn’t have gone for it in his own territory down by just two scores with 14 minutes still to go. A lot of coaches would also not have called the same play three times in a row from the one yard line then not gone for it on fourth down and instead settling on a field goal try that failed. CTH should be taking the blame.

Herman hardly deserves credit for - finally - pointing the finger at himself instead of throwing the kids under the bus, like he did after the Navy game.

What he said is nothing different than Gary Kubiak saying “that’s on me” after every Texans loss.

And Kubiak got to say that again this week.

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We don’t have to beat Louisville to redeem ourselves. We have to stop losing to opponents that aren’t quality opponents. If we were 6-2 with close loses to OU and Navy but beat teams like SMU and Tulsa from start to finish, we would feel better out where we stood.

In order to be considered a legitimate power 5 school, it’s not about surprising top 10 teams or beating every top 25 team we play on the road. It’s about dominating the other schools that are never in the power 5 conversations EVERY game.

This team needs to have solid double digit wins against UCF and Tulane at home and then if we get beat by Louisville by 10 points or more, we need to dominate at Memphis from start to finish.

It’s not that much of a reach to say that had Taylor and Bowser been in the Navy game, we win it. The team should have moved on from that point but the coaches have failed to push the players past that game. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a whole offseason for the players to forget the last 3 games.

Not my buzz!!

Kubiak could say that he is responible for the Texans loss. :wink:

Attitude has a lot to do with performance but I’m convinced we’ll see a different team given our depleted and weak o-line. And Noble and Rogers sidelined for this weekend I wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat of last weekend by the offense

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Hahaha! UH needs to beat Louisville to be rank again.

I don’t care about being ranked right now. I care about us building a program that can have a couple of injuries, endure a couple of bad calls and overcome a couple of bad plays and still beat the crap out of teams that everyone else is beating the crap out of.

2016: SMU
2015: UConn
2014: UTSA
2012: Texas State
2010: Rice
2009: UTEP ( they lost to Buffalo, Tulane, SMU and Rice that same season )

How many teams in the top 25 have had a loss to a bad team (bottom 20 team) 6 of the last 8 years? Those are the teams that the power 5 pad their OOC schedules with and we can’t ever go back to back years without choking to one of them.

Until we can start having seasons like Boise State, TCU and Utah had done on more than one occasion (only losing to top 10 schools) we won’t be taken serious on being competitive enough to handle a power 5 schedule.

Have you noticed how gleefully our home town reports jump our case the first opportunity they get?

Well, we are hurting; but we will claw our way back. I’m not sure what this year will bring; but our future is still bright.

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