UH-Navy game thread

They are killing us on the edge. Guys are blowing their assignments.

Why are we so worried about the QB? We have two players going after him on multiple plays. Players are not doing their jobs right now.

Winchester is leaving the RB to go after the qb every time.

Yeah, can’t really set the edge with a corner back who’s set up out at the numbers. They’re doing nothing up the middle, need to be loading the edges with linebackers and the nickel.

10-10 Tied up

Another onside kick and Coogs recover again. Thanks, Navy.

They’re smaller than us. Run it up the gut not outside.

McCloskey back.

Field goal Coogs, 13-10

Applewhite is too damn hard headed. We’re killing them up the middle and they’re killing when we run wide. So of course he keeps calling sweeps. It’s like the opposite of the UConn game last year.

We’re getting gashed

We have too many players inside the tackles. They’re getting bottled up.

TD Navy, 17-13 Navy

Can we please get #90, and the two cornerbacks off the field please. Wasting space out there.

This is starting to look like uconn last year.

Why was Davis just sitting 5 yards deep in the end zone watching on that td run? No killer instinct today for many guys.

And another injury - ewww that looked brutal.

Oliver hurt, Fontana in to replace

TD, Ward to Birden for 19 yards. We’re killing them through the air.

UH leads 20-17

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