UH-Navy game thread

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D playing better, finally gets a stop.

Our receivers are really good.

Pick, Navy

D holds again.

And then a roughing the kicker penalty.

Crap call
Running into the kicker, yes
roughing no way

Navy FG right before half. 20-20.

Just get the win, guys.

Horrific call.

I thought I was going crazy, NCAA has running into the kicker 5 yard penalty, right? No way was that roughing, wasn’t bad contact and in no way could have injured the kicker.

Somebody needs to go mess up Ed Oliver’s car.

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Can I just say how much more sane this game thread is than the one on the Scout forum. How do you guys do it? It really is impressive.

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All the idiots and trolls are on the Scout board, that’s why.

Fumble, Navy ball

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