UH next retired jersey?

If we win the NC, create a banner with all roster player names and numbers on it. It would not be intended to retire their numbers, but as an appreciation of a unique accomplishment of the entire team. Winning a NC is a team effort.

Individually, retire Dwight Davis’ name before anyone else. We have to correct this unfortunate oversight.

I’m not a proponent of retiring numbers. Recognition of the name is sufficient enough.

I agree with all your points and saw DD play a ton of UH games. I honestly did not realize that DD’s jersey has not been retired. BTW, DD still comes to UH basketball games.

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im a proponent of retired jersey not retired numbers… i think the old retired numbers should be reactivated … if your dad played 34 in hs or a differerent college and you want to pay tribute to your dad with the 34 number, i think that should be allowed… him wearing 34 doesnt degraded hakeems legacy in any way


I’m not old enough to remember DD in a Cougars uniform. I do remember him in the NBA. I believe he deserves it.

I believe a First team AA is also worthy. It’s a shame the morons over at the Sporting News thought Drew Timme was more deserving than Marcus. So while he won’t be a unanimous first team AA, there’s no shame in being a consensus first team AA.

If you feel that Marcus is in the pantheon of cougar basketball greats, then he deserves to have his jersey retied. I feel he has earned that honor.

While I will always appreciate what Quentin Grimes did for our program, if you want to honor him in a ring of honor or something similar, I’d be all for that, but not a jersey retirement.

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Sasser only. But I agree with other posters that Dwight Davis’ should be retired too


grimes and michael young have almost identical accoliads/awards… it will be hard to justify him not getting retired, especially if his pro career continues to grow… beside winning the national title, i cant see how you put sasser in but not grimes…

All-American jersey numbers should at least be honored jerseys… If not retired.

Michael deserved his jersey retired, but he isn’t the best #42 in UH history

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If I had a vote, I would retire both Dwight Davis and Dwight Jones together. DJ was a great player at UH, was selected #9 in the first round of the NBA draft, and probably most importantly, played in one of the most famous international basketball games in history, the 1972 USA Olympic Gold medal basketball game between the USA and Russia, where the refs stole the game from the USA. Lost in the midst of time, DJ was actually ejected in that game for fighting with a Russian player. That alone deserves a jersey retirement.


Those were real fights back then, too!

If Sasser leads this team to at least the FF, then that gives him 2 FFs in his collegiate career while at UH. That would be double Grimes’. If you also add the 1st team AA, then he would be deserving imo.

I say we retire the entire starting line-up’s jerseys if we win a natty!!! :grin:

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That and bring them back every 10, 20 and 25 years to waive at the crowd at halftime.

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^^ Fact^^ Dwight Davis before any others, no question and not close.

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Players of the year for their conferences. Q may need to be considered.

Between Covid and no tourney in 2020 and his injury last year, Sasser’s legacy could have been a no brainer retired jersey, but he is really only gonna have 2 years. And that is hoping/praying he is healthy enough to perform this tournament.


No. If feel it should be (and maybe a jersey retirement is too much but maybe a statue for) Rob Gray, Corey Davis, and Galen Robinson Jr. I think these guys helped put us back on the map. Some tribute to the trio would be neat.

But we’re way ahead of ourselves. Beat N. KENTUKY!!!

:100: I’m there with ya!

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The younger posters have no idea how good he was. College game was stronger then with players staying 4 years


There were a lot of players that they are unaware of, we are lucky to having seen 50+ years of Cougar basketball.