UH next retired jersey?

Who do you think is the next player to get his jersey number retired? Quinten Grimes or Marcus Sasser? Sasser still have opportunities to add to his resume.

Fabian and Sasser

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Being an All-American, the most threes in pogram in history. This team is going to a Final Four! Sasser gets his joursey retired


Sorry but not a single jersey should be retired before Dwight Davis has his on the wall at Fertitta. Quentin and Marcus had outstanding careers at UH but not that close to Dwight’s


Marcus Sasser was just named a first team All American. We’ve had 3 of those guys before, and all of them have their jersey on the wall.


We win Natty for sure Sasser gets his jersey retired


i weirdly think the answer will be “at the same time”… one or the other will be the others +1
with sasser gettting the 1st team all-american, it was decided

grimes and sasser can speed up the retired jersey by winning the title (sasser)… or either having an all-star nba career … the quicker one has an allstar career, the jersey wlll be hung… and the other the +1 and retired at the same time… it would be odd to hang one but not the other

if neither have nba careers, it might be a while like 20years but it will eventually but be hung

I don’t think we should be hanging/retiring jerseys based off accomplishments in their pro career.


in theory yes… but pro careers always affect jersey retirement of the previous stops

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I’m taking nothing away from Marcus, but you might want to review Dwight’s UH numbers.

BTW, he was 2nd Team AA his senior year. I also agree with poster above about pro careers should not be counted but he was also the 3rd overall pick in the 1972 NBA draft


Dwight was pretty good but I think Sasser has been a bit better and his teams have been better. However, I don’t disagree with your point about sequencing. Players deemed worthy from the past should have their jerseys retired before current players.


If you think he was just “pretty good”, …

He led UH to 3 consecutive NCAAs as well

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they put all of the phi slamma but didnt do dwight or rob Williams (who also has a case) who were before… without something unexpected happening, i doubt it happens for them… sasser/grimes have current nba careers that can bolster their claims (even though it shouldnt)

I love White, Grimes and Sasser, but to me, none qualify for immortality by having their number retired.

  • White’s record at UH for winningest player is more about longevity, than individual talent. He only averaged in double figures for one season.
  • Grimes had the highest pro-upside but only played 2 years at UH and his stats were above average, but certainly not NCAA leading. Grimes was 3rd team AA.
  • I view Sasser similar to Grimes. His stats are above average, actually scoring-wise slightly better than Grimes but not NCAA leading. Sasser is 1st team AA.

If the jersey retiring criteria is All American recognition alone, then I agree Grimes’ and Sasser’s jersey’s should be retired.

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He was the main man on the 70-71 71-72 teams, I remember him. I said he was pretty good. I think Don Chaney deserves consideration.

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no offense to white but he has no chance…
sasser is a virtual lock that in the next 40 years itll be retired… every ap 1st team American has a retired jersey in houston.
grimes isnt a lock but is extremely close tp one, consensus 3rd team all-american and a final 4 …every multi publication all-american has their jersey hung in houston

and like i noted sasser/grimes bolster each other being in the same era that you can retire them together


I’m not discounting Davis. In fact, if you were to look back at my post history, you’ll several posts of mine singing his praises.

But like I said, there is not a player who has won First Team All America honors and not had their jersey retired. When that was announced this morning for Marcus, it sealed the deal.

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I agree on Marcus. I’m not saying it’s a debate on the 2, although seeing almost every game of both that I believe Double D had a better career

Just curious, are you old enough to have seen him play? Third best big man in UH history, no one else even close.

I am not, I was born post PSJ actually

Not big on grimes / 2 years …
Sasser for sure … win a natty too …
White should …all time winner …
Wish I could have seen Davis play …

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