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New NIL fund raising that could help us compete



Wonder how these collectives will impact groups like cougar pride.

I like the fact that they have included lower level commitments. It won’t raise a bunch of money all it once, but it gives everyone an opportunity to commit if so inclined. Very similar to the “First and Ten” program UH used to have. Once you commit, it’s very easy to forget that 10-25$ deduction every month.
For example, I am still supporting my son’s college athletic department a small amount, even tho he graduated over 12 years ago. Was just too lazy to go through the procedure to cancel.

I will cancel now and move those dollars to this fund.


You get them in the door at a lower commitment and eventually try to upsell them. The value is getting the donor’s contact information; the initial financial commitment is secondary.


It also allows you to budget towards the future. You have reoccurring monthly charges that probably won’t get cancelled.

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Good question.