UH Offensive Pace in 2021

I would expect to see our offense pick up the pace quite a bit this season, now that our defense goes 2+ deep and can be left out on the field for 30+ minutes hopefully without running out of juice.

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Uhhh … there may NOT be any offensive pace … at least against TT …

AGAIN I do not want to waste a new thread … HOWEVER

There is a tropical disturbance in the Atlantic which should be in the Gulf by Sunday … and according to many meteorologists is making a beeline to our location

As if the Pac12 … Alliance … SEC were not enough to keep this board … busy …

We looks good in hurry up last year. When the offense moves with a sense of urgency, they look a lot better. I want to play fast. We have a lot of speed on offense

Funny how those “ meteorologist” all work for local tv stations !

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Louisiana, New Orleans hopefully :umbrella:

I hate being without power :battery:

Sorry to disparage your meteorologists, but I trust these guys a lot more. Looks like rain regardless where it eventually makes landfall.

Here are the latest intensity and tracking ensembles.

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Latest from NHC.


Sounds good to moi … TD9 will hopefully be long past our vicinity by game time with TT

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I got a feeling it may make it more easy close to the Florida panhandle.

the game is a week from this Sat …