UH on ESPN page

Anyone who has ESPN Insider, would be able to read the article.

Well I’m not so what’s the jist of it?

I believe it’s about B12 recruiters fearing their jobs will be tougher if UH gets an invite. Too late. UH is already in position to make their life hell in HTown regardless of what the B12 does.

Hole-e crap! Proof positive of all that can be accomplished here and the FACT that the “big” 12 is made up of a bunch of *******. Everyone knows how tough the SEC is but they did not hesitate to add Texas S&M along with Mizzou. What a contrast. I can’t believe some of y’all still want to join this piece of crap (big 12) league. I’ve NO DOUBT that if another p5 swings our way and scoops up the Coogs (especially if it’s the sec) then the big 12 is done, finished.

I would compared it to a boxing champion afraid to fight the best out there, hypothetically speaking.

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So they would rather add BYU, Cincinnati, and UCONN because they can outrecruit those schools but fear Houston because they cant outrecruit us…i think these schools fear if we get in the Big 12, we would win more NCs than UT or OU…and I think they are right! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The jist is they’re scared.

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