UH Pendant Necklace HELP

Lets see if we have any experts here.
I recently aquired this pendant, and I’m starting to collect information on it.
I believe its from the 40s/50s.
It has the initials “R.M.R” on the back. (Presumably the initials of the person who owned it)
This would have been on a woman’s necklace.
If anyone has any other info, please let me know.

link isnt working. See if you can repost, or let me know what the page is.

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Looks like this:

Hi there - I’ve been doing some UH research, predominently pre-1945. From the photos of similar pendants of the UH schools/departments/clubs at the time, I believe this from around 1938-1941.

These are designs from the 1939-1940 Yearbook

UH Pendants

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