UH pipelines

HISD, Fort Bend ISD, Klein, Piney Woods and Lousiana have always been UH pipelines

Tyler HS has been a recent UH pipeline over the last decade. (Ward, Bowser, Bryson, Braylon Jones, Goodson, Street)

Manvel, Spring, Shadow Creek and Katy have been a recent UH pipelines due to recent success.

Beaumont and Port Arthur is also another longtime UH pipeline.

Belton is becoming a new pipeline.

Suburban Dallas-Fort Worth, North Shore and Pearland have been occasional.

Am I missing any other places?


Australia and Germany!


There was a time when La Marque and Dickinson were pipelines to a degree. Yeoman used to pull talent from Galveston. Remember Briles defensive coordinator was the HC at La Marque for a number of years.

We had a little pipeline to Rockdale for a while. Taylor too. Lufkin was a big pipeline back in the day but gradually went over to the B12.

Not sure who started the John Tyler connection but that has paid off by the bucket-full.

Ironically many of our great defensive players came out of southern Louisiana, and we still get a gem from there sometimes.

Always love to remember pulling Bryce Beall out of tiny Tatum High.

For nostalgia purposes does anyone remember the great Cougar iron man Audray McMillan? [ back up QB that went to the pro bowl as a cornerback] Remember what town he came from? Das right! Carthage, baby!!!

[anyway, those weren’t all pipelines…but I love Coog football history and the little towns the greats came from]

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Lots of those pipelines in the small towns and even the city were started and aided by unsung heroes who’ll never get credit publicly. No way UH could even penetrate those places without help.

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Remember when Patrick Edwards was trying to make the team, and Sumlin referred to him at practice as “Hearne”…
I probably misspelled it, but it is a tiny town near College Station…

Helton ruled the Florida JUCO and Canadian pipelines!

Here is a family story about UH recruiting. My wife’s family were the Driskells from Crockett. Monte Driskell was a high school Hall of Fame coach there forever. Every year Bill Yeoman would make the rounds of east Texas and see Monte. Crockett is a smaller school with few D1 players. But one year Monte called Yeoman and said “Bill, I’ve finally got one for ya.” It was Eugene Lockhart.


Now we have a pipeline to the portal


I think a pipeline UH has had and could continue to have success is southwest Louisiana. Houston itself is positioned between both states and there is a lot of Louisiana influence in the city in regards to food and culture.

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Remember this guy coming out of Louisiana. One of the most highly touted safeties recruited to UH. He was 6-4 and was gonna be the next beast on the bayou…


I didnt realize he went to UH!

On another note, I’m glad that UH has always recruited a lot of HISD kids. That’s a pipeline that should ALWAYS stay open.

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The Big Swoll is actually Randy Thornton.

Remember him from the late Yeoman/early Pardee era?

He had a tremendous game against TX in a 60-40 come from behind rout. Johnny Jackson had several pick sixes, but Thornton contributed some brutalizing hits.

Of course, he attained even greater fame in raaaaaaaaaslin’!!!

Yea. He knocked Metcalf out cold on the last play of the first half.

If I remember correctly, he wore No. 1, and was one of CBY’s highest ranked recruits ever. He was terrific for us…