UH pitcher Aaron Fletcher heads to NCAA Tournament with extra motivation

Chronicle is becoming a nightmare to try and read. Not talking about the content, just the presentation.

“When you deal with competitive people failure tends to motivate them, and that’s Fletcher,” UH coach Todd Whitting said. “He’s a very competitive kid. He’s not going to feel sorry for himself. He’s been working extremely hard this week, not that he hasn’t all year. He’s not happy with his last outing. I fully expect him to be really, really good when he pitches this weekend.”


As soom as I read Title of article I knew it would be referring about his last start. Guess I miss the confusion.

No confusion, just meant the number of ads and pictures on the article that break up the actual words.


They had some serious formatting issues going on. Certain sections/articles were definitely broken. Looks to be fixed now, at least the pages I revisited tonight.

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Use reader-view, it takes the ads completely off