UH politicking for Big12 bid

Inside UH’s Political Push to Join the Big 12, by Matthew Watkins. http://www.texastribune.org/2016/08/10/inside-university-houstons-political-push-join-big/ The University of Houston has been burned before when it comes to the politics of college sports realignment. This time, its supporters are lobbying the state’s top politicians for some help winning an invitation to the Big 12.

Raymond Moore


Good article and perhaps eye opening to those trying to claim that all the political push was just a coincidence or it is some type of conspiracy to just give UT/Tech/etc. plausible deniability when we don’t get in.

There is only one Texas university being considered for the Big XII expansion unlike past shake ups. Everyone in state politics should be in support of UH gaining this financial windfall (relative to what it gets from the AAC) and increased exposure. If there is a politician opposing UH to the Big XII, it would be interesting to hear why.

The fans and alumni of the Texas schools may oppose UH getting in but no politician should.


Two years ago, as Abbott looked poised to become governor, UH PAC officials saw how their luck may be turning. At a political event, Abbott approached Wilson wanting to talk about conference realignment.

“He said, ‘It is important that you get into the Big 12 and I am going to do whatever it takes,’” Wilson recalled.

By the way, this is a professional article on the situation; not the crap that the Chronicle spews out on the situation.

Good article. Snarky comment section though. I guess I should be accustomed to it by now…

IN a world dominated by shanty philosophers poking gibberish on Twitter it’s nice to see an old school article for a change.

Yepp its from a large group of writers based in Austin who cover other state topics as well.

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