UH Ready for Life in B12? | Locked on B12

We got our own almost 30 min. episode over how prepared UH FB is for life in the Big 12.

Some good points were brought up in this episode, and it’s more content to listen to on your drive home or at work (if they allow you to wear earbuds at work).



The Locked On Coogs podcast is legit so I will check out this Big 12 episode for sure!

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That clown on Locked On Coogs wears an Astros hat exclusively, way to rep our Coogs on our own podcast, sheesh.


Yeah, I’m not a fan of the host either…

Aside from that, he doesn’t seem to know UH history very well or have active/former UH student-athletes, connections inside the program, etc. (that’s where I prefer actual UH Alum, Chris Gardner/Houston Roundball Review more) but that was to be expected when I found out that the host wasn’t an Alumnus & had never even attended UH.

Honestly, I don’t even know how he managed to become the host to a UH-focused Podcast under the Locked on Big 12 Umbrella…they must not have vetted for that position all that much.


He actually varies his headwear… I think he does a pretty good job even though I agree that he seems to lack the historical background. I think he continues to improve and hoping it will grow to include a wider spectrum of guests.


Several of you apparently don’t listen to the podcast. You all would rather criticize how someone isn’t “Houston enough” than support someone who spends his valuable time daily covering the Coogs with good content and interviews.

Many of you just sound like a bunch of HATERS.


It’s such a needlessly petty thing to be ticked about even more ridiculous when it’s a podcast a medium that’s privately consumed through audio only lol

I’ve been listening Lovked on Coogs for a while and I think he does a really good job of being concise, talking X’s and O’s, and his game predictions for basketball and football have not been far off from how the game actually goes with in reason. He’s talked about some scheme stuff that as a non-player, I learned and understood after hearing.

Not sure what historical background some of you are looking for, but if you don’t let people who want to be coogs, be Coogs, i posit you’re limiting our university’s audience. I also mean people who came for a semester, students who attend clear lake or downtown and want someone they can cheer for, family members of coog alumni, and fanatics who want to talk up the university through podcasts to name a few. Hell, people from Houston or Texas period, come on over. UT and those brands don’t seem to have a problem with it.

I remember when my only option to hear coog talk was to wait for AM sports radio hosts to casually mention, in passing, that the coogs “are currently relevant” with incredulity and underhanded comments. Now I have a medley of pod options and I listen to them all.

Feel free to express you opinions, you don’t have to like anyone, but I caution purposefully or unintentionally clipping your alma mater’s exposure by adopting inflexible perspectives and bashing avenues that want to highlight the school and don’t meet your background check.


Au contraire mon ami, Ames Iowa, Lubbock, Manhatten Waco are pits of despair. Don’t get me wrong, you can search for places AROUND those cities but they are pits of despair and isolation compared to HOUSTON.

Thundercoog nailed it. The Locked On Coogs podcast is really good. It’s concise and under 30 minutes daily and covers good topics I don’t really hear anywhere else.

I actually prefer Locked On Coogs to the Scott & Holman podcast now.


People are complaining abt anything and everything… they are spending time and money talking abt Coogs… just support them. We need our brand to grow.


Ive been listening for a while. I enjoy the content. It’s not easy to find content to discuss at length every single day. This guys done a great job creating.

I have no idea what some of these old codgers are upset about. Give the podcast a listen and watch it on YouTube.

You won’t be dissapointed.