UH’s Fight Club — Caleb Mills and Nate Hinton Drive Tulsa Absolutely Mad, Make Another Opponent Completely Lose It - Papercity Mag


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing the link!


Thanks for posting this. I am very happy that we have a local sports pundit who is not only a good writer but who enjoys the UH basketball program. Well done, Mr. Baldwin, another good read.

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I think that play with 17:30 left is when the frustration set in. Nate misses a 3 pointer Tulsa PG makes a nice hustle play to get to the corner and get the rebound and here comes Nate he basically steals the ball five times from 3 different players in about 3 seconds I mean he was like a moth on a light bulb somehow gets it to Caleb for the dagger 3. That is seriously demoralizing.


That may have been the timeout Haith used to rip one of his players (the one that had the ball in the corner before Hinton ripped it out). That player had to be relieved when Haith got ejected. Had to be a long trip back to Tulsa for many of them.

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#11 - Jackson

He scored his season-high of 19 against us in the first game, and he was totally ineffective until the coach pulled him. The coach was burning him up with laser eyes from the time of that turnover until he started yelling at him during the TO. One of the other guys came and put his arm around him while he was getting “coached”.

It was definitely a “wanna get away?” moment for that guy.

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