UH sends wrong message in hiring Kendal Briles

I don’t care that most of you will disagree with this article but it needs to be shared.

Unlike most of you who were willing to stop supporting the program just because we lost 5 games this season I will continue to support the program because I’m enamored to support our student athletes. I’d like to think that all Coogfans agree that if shame is brought on our university by KBs past involvement’s or if he brings new controversy with him would expect and support his immediate extermination. I respect and trust Dr. Khator’s and Pezman’s leadership and decision making in this particular instance.

@CoogFansAdmin accept my apology if you felt offended by anything I’ve said. Although I disagree with you on most things I hope you trust me when I say I think your opinions are important to our community.


I think extermination is a bit harsh. :neutral_face:


You know what I mean.

Solid article and Kendal definitely has to be watched.

The chron can pound sand. They are the last rag to give us any types of moral lessons.


The chronicle who supports the team from Austin.


Consider it a dose of reality while you’re on cloud nine.

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Written by a Coog.

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The Chrinicle didn’t say squat when Herman hired a Baylor staff at Texas


Of course they didn’t. They would never do that…not The ‘Houston’ Chronicle. Sigh! #Terrible


It’s not a wildly unfair article, I mean some of it is flat assumption. But it’s not crazy unfair. Kendall was at Baylor, abdthe football team did horrendous things. How ever much or little he was involved in the scandal, he is tainted by being there tough noogies for Kendall. If you have a shady past or worked for known shady people you’re always going to get some side eye.

That being said being able to snag a top line product at an outlet store is always a good find. And that’s what we have now. If definitely keep Kendall from taking about how he talks shop with Art, he needs to be kept at, “he’s my dad, we talk about family stuff.” Art’s specter can’t be seen here.


I see what you did there! #Clever Haha

If the Chronicle thinks it’s a bad hire, it’s probably a great hire. After we score 60 points the first 2 games, we’ll all love him.


Oh don’t confuse my tempered reaction to agreement. I’m just thinking her points are valid. But I’m absolutely hoping for 100 points a game and dancing on the shattered spirits of our opponents.


I do like that Sam at least gave UH’s side a mention in his article. Miss him not being on the beat anymore.


Exactly, pearland…Longhorns will be the first to steal KB if we win 11 games and their O continues to sputter.

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If RK signed off on it I am 100% sure she has all the info to make that call. Support the right of those that don’t agree with it but I have faith in RK. Has there ever been any shred of proof that he was guilty of any crimes ? Haven’t followed the BU saga that much but would seem if were true there would have been some arrests by now ?


true!! I am sure comical contacted Austin to verify wording of story before they run it…Longhorn butt kissers is ALL that paper is!!!


If Kendal made a mistake he deserves another chance. Most people have made mistakes, most people learn from them and become better people.

Most things I have read about Kendal are assumptions or hearsay.

Sam’s article from male perspective. Jenny’s article from female perspective.

Only time will tell about the character of the man.

Glad the company I worked for gave me a second chance.

Miss him terribly. Duarte does a good job but he works for the uta chroniclus.