UH Shows Final Four Fight and Resolve in Out Toughing Texas Tech, Hostile


Our defense is ahead of where I thought we would be at game 3.


I’m not as surprised by the defense as I am the offense. We seem to always start the year slow but we’ve come out firing on all cylinders so far. Given how CKS teams always get better as the year goes on, I’m having trouble regulating my excitement level right now.


I think the defense being as good as it is has been so key in allowing us to go on 10+ minute scoring droughts.

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Baldwin is the best in his coverage of UH basketball

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great write up!

I hope Texas Tech is as good as advertised because after last nights game, I am 100% sold on this years team.

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Welp, I think Tech is good and will be a lot better going forward after what happened Sunday.

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Excellent read

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Inspiring article. A must read for Cougar fans.

I always love reading Chris’ articles on UH sports. This one is no exception.