UH Softball

UH first two games end in run-rules:

Colgate: 10-1 Coogs

Indiana State: 13-1 Coogs

I think it’s two against Indiana State and Rutgers tomorrow, and one against Rutgers on Sunday.

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Coogs beat Indiana State in first game, 6-1.

Any win is a good win and I’m glad they are winning these games….but it’s similar to what we have seen from the men the last couple of years?

Which is stacking up wins against weak opponents that do not help the RPI or help prepare the team for conference.

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Of course, beat Indiana Stare in G1 then get creamed by Rutgers 10-2. We had more errors than hits, 4-3.


And is Rutgers a softball powerhouse?

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They went 32-25 last year and looking at who they played, about 20 wins looked like non-conference gimmes.

Before last year they wear usually under .500.

So it’s not as though this was a top 25 team.

Conference is going to be brutal.


Coogs beat Rutgers 6-3.

4-1 on the weekend.


Yesterday, Coogs beat UTSA 15-3 and Nicholls State 5-1.

Today, we beat UMass 5-0.

We’re 7-1.

Playing Nicholls again on Saturday at 6:30

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Why did you post this as a reply to me rather than just in general?

You talking to me? I didn’t reply to you. Not sure why you think that.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Now I’m replying to you.

I’m not sure what that shows. I don’t care.

I reported some scores.

If that’s a problem, it’s your problem–not mine.

Coogs win today.

Beat Nicholls 13-5.

8-1 now.

Two games on Sunday. Both against Northwestern State.


Glad they are winning the games they are supposed to , hopefully they can win some when they start playing harder competition


Coogs win both today against Northwestern State, 8-7 and 13-0.

Now 10-1.

Head to LSU next weekend where they’ll play LSU twice, Austin Peay twice, and Boise State.

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That’s funny.

What an old clown shown….lol