UH Softball

I think we were disappointed no moves were made in basketball….not being competitive against teams with a pulse is the result.

Many of us wanted the softball staff to be replaced as well.

So all is not lost!!!

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I appreciate your enthusiasm. I’m surprised to learn that the big 12 only has 10 teams despite 14 schools. TCU, K State, WV, and Cincy do not sponsor softball. Why do i have funny feeling that we would be the 14th best softball team if all schools sponsored softball?


In a not to far off world UH softball was a regular member in the NCAA tournament.

Past time for Vesely to be gone.


I remember those days. Houston and this state has too much talent for us not to field regular NCAA tourney teams. It has been done here before. If this coach cannot get us back to that level then we need a new coach that can.


There’s a problem that some parents are turned off by the staff

You know this, or are you projecting?

Honestly, more projecting and knowledge from one parent

Just sounds like typical parents drama with softball teams

Maybe, but the results are pretty telling.

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What’s the issues? Is it the coach is lesbian or something? Well if that’s what it is, it’s a known fact there is a lot of that nonsense in women’s softball the parents should already know this, I saw it all the time as my daughter was coming up thru the ranks on her way to play D-1 softball

Nobody gives a crap the coach is a lesbian……

If a parent wants to talk about the issues this program has had for a while then cool.

I’m not going to post stuff I’ve heard third hand.

The lack of success on the field is more than enough to warrant this staff being gone.

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OU transfer….she’s really good.

Needs several more.

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In softball you live and die with your pitcher. All you need is one since they can basically pitch everyday.

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I’m not talking about a pitcher Norb.

We are talking about position players that can hit.

And, you still need more than one pitcher……they are not pitching every inning of every game….hope you weren’t being serious.

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Serious. You just need one super pitcher. She can pitch 2 games in the 3 game series. As for hitting, just small ball it if you can’t get big hitters.

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So you still need more than one pitcher…,.and small ball does not win the women’s CWS anymore.
The game has changed.

Yes I don’t mean literally one pitcher. You need one super dominating pitcher.

A bunch of super fast slap hitters will win you a lot of games.

UH isn’t going to get big hitters. We have to find other ways to win.

You’d be surprised what UH could get with a better staff……it can be done.

Just like it can be done in baseball.

You need the right staff that has the right ties with the showcase coaches….and you need to be laser focused on who hits the portal.

Both teams should be top 25 and in regionals every year…supers every few years and a CWS appearance every 4 to 5 years……anyone that does not believe that thinks way to small….
Everything but the CWS appearances have already been achieved….and that was C-USA/American.
So what’s the excuse now?


I agree with that. Houston is a high school softball factory. We should be able to find a good pitcher every once in a while.

NIL negates the scholarship gap too.

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