UH student government VP faces backlash over 'Black Lives Matter' post

After five police officers were killed in downtown Dallas last week, University of Houston Student Government Association Vice President Rohini Sethi took to Facebook.

She wrote, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.” Nine words that erupted hurt and anger across campus.

“We’re appalled and outraged that someone who represents us as students would say something like that,” said UH junior Tristan Ezeoke.

So you really believe one life matters more than another?

Poor hit-piece of an article over at Forbes over this. Author tries to drag UH down and calls for a withholding of money based on the action of the Student Government even though he praises the administration for not getting involved. Whatever your feelings about #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter, the point is that the actions of a student or student government should not reflect on the University itself.


^ Not that bad. At least it acknowledges that the university had nothing to do with a handful of students’ decision.

Certainly not as bad as the angry mob that is 1-starring UH’s Facebook page into oblivion. The political climate in this country right now is absolutely insane. Everyone is looking for something to outraged about, all the time, and the fact that everyone has a voice with social media only compounds the problem and turns otherwise sane individuals into rabid freaks.

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Today Fox News continued to push an incorrect story that UH suspended the student. So terrible that millions are being misinformed on this and it is getting a lot negative attention on UH.

As for what was posted, you can’t post “forget #blacklivesmatter” without people getting upset. If she posted “I support #blacklivesmatter, but I feel it should be #alllivesmatter” it would never have bothered anybody.

This was very poorly handled by UH’s Student Government group. The truth is that all lives do matter.

It seems to me that “black lives matter” is a divisive and subversive group which is trying to undermine American society and government. Accordingly, UH leadership shouldn’t allow it to perpetuate a negative perception or attitude among blacks (noting what’s already happened to the University of Missouri).

Similarly it would be just as divisive if there were other race-based special interest groups protesting on the UH campus such as (1) hispanic lives matter, (2) asian lives matter, (3) arab lives matter, (4) indian lives matter, (5) pacific islander lives matter, (6) white lives matter, etc, etc. To me, that’s why “all lives matter” should be readily accepted while “black lives matter” should be rejected for being too divisive.

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This is complete non sense.
Just the fact that the “Black lives matter” group has reached this level of acceptance is beyond belief.
What makes this group right about anything that they proclaim? They proclaim that police officers belong in body bags…WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO SAY THAT?
Why have we reached this level of racial tension/insanity?
A black or white officer kills or mistreat another black or white human being belongs in jail. PERIOD.
I will tell you that when I lived in Houston until the mid 90’s I NEVER experienced any types of racial tension(s) and that means walking/visiting freely in areas deemed dangerous. I lived in Louisiana for a while, same experiences, same results then I moved to Southern California. California is supposed to be free, accepting of all religions, of all races. YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH?
I found out that this was the complete opposite. I am lucky I speak multiple languages but I can tell you that I have never experienced more racial tensions than in California. The difference was so “radical” that I thought I had moved to a different country. A country of rejection, a country divided like we are experiencing today.
These past eight years have shown me an image of America that I never thought could exist one day.
A very small group IMPOSING their will on everyone, black and white that is.
The media only thinks about ratings and what could be inflammatory. Man don’t they have a field day with this?
America is about UNITY not division. We should never forget what made us successful.
We all need to take a step back and think clearly.
Why is unemployment and crime so high in African/American areas?
Why won’t the press talk about theses statistics? Statistics tell the story. They never tell a lie.
We now have two individuals running for office. One is a professional politician that put National security at risk. She is arguably the worst Secretary of State of all time. Just look and compare the mid east geopolitical map when she took over and now. No other Secretary of State has done more damage than she has in probably the most dangerous area on Earth. ALL OF THIS IN FOUR YEARS.
Look at her records when she was an elected officials. She was UNABLE to pass any meaningful laws. Again that is while in office. SHE HAS NO RECORDS TO SPEAK OF, NONE!!! Look it up. It is crystal clear.
You want to vote for her? Just explain to me why and on what basis?
Is the economy getting better? Hell no, we have not had a 3% of GDP growth in TEN YEARS.
We need a change NOW by individuals that know how to jump start the economy.
He looks like a can of hair spray with the face of a baboon but as eccentric as he may be he is the only candidates that knows how to create A JOB
Look at her donors, look at his. Statistics do not lie.
People desperately need jobs. They/We do not need more divisions.


U. of Houston Student Government Lifts Sanctions Against Officer Who Posted ‘#AllLivesMatter

All of is non sense is sad. We are becoming more and more divided due to extreme groups.
Clint Eastwood is right. We all have to wake us from this BS. This is tearing our Country apart.

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