UH @ TAMU-CC - Kleberg Bank College Classic - Friday 6pm (L 3-2)

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So it’s ok for fans to be inside the FC. But we can’t have managed crowds outside at Cougar Field? That makes sense. What a shame.


I bet you the decision came down to this… If they let baseball have fans in attendance they would have to let all spring sports have fans. That means they would have to provide security, event staffing, concessions, etc. to all of the spring sport events and we’re already leaking money like a civ… It’s always about $$$.


You are probably right.

Or lack of $$$$. Been a very tough year for us and all schools. But especially for those not in p5 income bracket.

While I wish they could have figured something out…and many had great suggestions on how to, the bottom line costs were just too deep.

There is still hope for later in the season, but just thankful for ESPN+ at this point.

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These games ARE NOT on espn+ as I understand… Anyone figured out another way to stream for free… Or cheap?

You are right…forgot about that. You just ruined my day. :slightly_frowning_face::sunglasses:

nope, $30 for a month is the cheapest legit option

unless some hero out there puts the stream on periscope or something. it happened last week for the big Classic in Arlington, can’t imagine the Flo execs were too pleased about that

Caught stealing and picked off in the same inning. You gotta be kidding.

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Running the bases with our heads up our backsides, and stranding the runners with the bases full with 0 or 1 out is a Coogin’ it tradition.


Not a good night for Gasser, but squeaks out of the 5th with no runs and two runners on base.

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