UH to ACC?

We will go to the ACC with either Tulane or Memphis to bolster the new ACC network.

Anything that gets UH into a P5 conference without getting involved in the cesspool Big 12 is a massive win.

…in 2029.

I want to believe this…I really do…

Still think this looks pretty sexy but given recent events it’s doubtful.

Arizona St
Oklahoma St.

It’ll be funny seeing baylors reaction lol

I can’t believe OU wants any more to do with Texas. Take them out for Tech, BYU, and Boise. Play round robin, and then let the others clamor over themselves to be included instead of dying with the smoldering remains of the old Big 8.

Clarification (not sure why my thread title was moderated) -

My OP was pure speculative prediction. I do not have any inside sources, secret decoder rings or anything else. I just wanted to call my shot.

Memphis? They were academically ineligible for the Big 12. The ACC won’t touch them.

How did you come up with such random group of teams ?!

Speaking of no expansion of the Big 12 means one thing, Texas and Oklahoma will bolt anytime now and the Big 12 will no longer be consider a P5 conference.

There was a rumor that ACC would expand after they got the new TV deal. Nothing has come out of that though, obviously. But even if they were working towards that, I am sure they would be more discreet about it than the B12 was.

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I said in the summer, UH to ACC. This helps ESPN with that new tv deal. Nothing has changed.

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UH to ACC means little 12 is dead conference walking. They’ll yell save us and we’ll whisper… “no.”

this is falling in line with CoogBoog’s theory…did boog ever make it over here?

Don’t bank on an ACC invite. They don’t need us. The reality is we are left out of expansion for an indefinite period of time. No conference has a compelling reason or reasons to add us. Don’t go crazy on recruiting in Texas, TV sets, etc.

Yup. And the PAC12 already told us they are not expanding.

So for the foreseeable future UH is a proud member of the AAC. Purely from a fans standpoint, this is good because it means a lot of wins. I like winning.

But obviously in the grand scheme of things it is a major blow. How are we going to pay all these bills? We already have the 7th largest subsidy from the University (according to Houston Chron).

Just need to keep buying tickets and donating which will help with some. Some of the subsidy is accounting where you’re moving money from one box on a spreadsheet to another (i.e. scholarships for the athletes are considered as an expense even though no actual money is spent = $6M+ in 2015). Some of it will also disappear…coach buyouts (thanks MR for the CTL extension), old debts, etc.

And then the question comes up of how do you quantify a strong athletics program’s influence on a University as a whole. Boston College saw a 30% rise in applications after Doug Flutie threw the hail mary against Miami in 1984. We saw a rise after 2011 and I believe we’ve seen another one after last year as I believe we broke a record for a freshman class this year. That won’t show up in the numbers.

Main thing is to keep winning.

Main thing number two…get the men’s basketball program winning.

If you have the support and success with the football team coupled with the same successes and interest with the basketball team, I would think at least one the P4’s (Big12 no longer maintains a P5 status…starting yesterday) start drooling at our value to their conference.

The ACC is only going to accept 1 new member other than ND. The best opportunity UH would have to join would be if ND finally joins as a full member. The competition at that point would be UConn & Cincy. Maybe the Florida schools would get a look too. UH would have to overcome the travel concerns as the main obstacle. If the academics continue their current trend, they would be plenty good enough.

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Don’t want to sound negative, but sez who? Of course any program wants access to Texas, and Houston in particular, but I have a lot of friends in that area, especially South Carolina, and they can’t see 20 miles past the Atlantic coastline.

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