UH to begin construction on indoor football facility


UH to begin construction on indoor football facility

If the board of regents had not approved the project by Sept. 1, Herman’s contract could have been reduced 25 percent from $2.5 million to $1.875 million.


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Herman’s contract buyout, not his contract.

So I guess prepare to get donation requests for this and the basketball capital campaign.

It states that ALL of the money is already pledged !

For the FB practice facility.

I didn’t read that. It says all the money will come from private donations, not that they have all the pledges.

You could be right Dustin, but I don’t think they would start on it unless they had the funding already secured.

If you read the BOR material, they have raised about $7.5M of the $20M total. The balance is an “aspirational goal” of future donations. Plus they need to raise $3M more for a maintenance fund.

I watched the BOR meeting today. There was no mention of the fundraising at all.

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only 7.5 mil has been pledged so far for IFPF

I wish I understood the process better. Obviously they feel confident about it and it’s happening.


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