UH tries to avoid slip-ups while fighting for NCAA berth

This was written before last night’s game.

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"That goes back to that old c-word ‘culture,’ " Sampson said. "Unless you have something in reserve that you can go back and touch … there are some things that are tangible, and then there are some things intangible. Culture is tangible, it really is. It’s being with the conditioning coach at 6 a.m. three days a week in the gym. It’s conditioning four days in September for five straight weeks. It’s those three-hour practices in October, November and December when there’s no excuses allowed.

“You learn to battle through things. I think you have to earn the right to be able to come back from adversity. It doesn’t happen because you are talented. Talent has nothing to do with it.”

Biggest 6 game stretch in a decade. 4 of last 5 on the road. RealtimeRPI has UH going 1-5.

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Wow, that’s pessimistic

For what it’s worth, they have UCONN as a road game for some reason, though we are playing them at home. If they had that right it would be a 2-4 projection I’d assume. It’s possible, but I’d be very surprised if we close worse than 3-3 and I’d guess we close 4-2, with Shake Milton’s availability playing a big factor. I think 5-1 would make us pretty much a lock for a berth, even with a first round loss in the conference tourney.

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I’ve got my own Realtime RPI and I have us going 6-0. :sunglasses: I know…I know…I’m a nut…I’m color blind with my scarlet red and white sunglasses…but I still believe it’s possible, it’s doable, it’s going to happen!

Go Coogs. Peace.


Thanks for pointing that out about the UConn game. And LOL RealtimeRPI has corrected it now and has UH going 3-3 and 22-8 overall.

4-2 should get the team in. They’re going to beat ECU and UConn. Just need to squeeze out 2 more. Knock Cincy off and I think they’d be a big time lock unless they fell apart after and closed 2-4 or worse ending behind Temple and UCF in conference play (which is a doubtful scenario). @ SMU is shaping up to be a big game.

IMHO, The AAC should be at least a 4 bid conference. Cincy & Witchita St are locks. UH should get in going 3-3…4-2 (23-7) makes it a lock IMHO. Temple is also making a strong case lately having won 5 in a row (7 of last 8) and sporting a 15th ranked SOS.

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Agree that 4-2 with one of those being Cincy should punch our dance ticket. With the somewhat likely scenario of 4-2 with a loss to Cincy and @ Temple or SMU it’s probably starting to get a little bit dicier and we may need a win in the conference tourney and could especially get hurt with a somewhat bad loss in the conference tourney like SMU had against us when they fell off the bubble, though I think there’s a good chance that would be enough. A lot will obviously depend on what the rest of the bubble teams do as well.

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