UH Undergoes a Major (Applewhite) Change from Tom Herman


Good article and I welcome Major’s style. It is closer to how Coach Yeoman went about things – it’s about the team, not the coach.

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I think it’s what we need now; hopefully it will pay off.

John Royal never was enamored with our former coach and regularly called him out as a prima donna going all the way back to one of the first press conferences where the coach arrived an hour late.

It’s kind of silly to compare Applewhite’s demeanor with the press to Herman’s before the first game of the season. Everything was fine and dandy in HTown with Herman until he popped off 10 straight wins and rumors began to fly.

I dare you guys to read John Royals’ past articles. He’s always been a poopoo on the coogs, even though he’s a grad. He seems to me a disinherited child complaining about the past. I have no respect for him and have stopped reading his puerile rants.