UH undergrad rises to #70 public university in USNEWS!


See UH1927’s post for an explanation.

We are #133 among ALL “national universities” (public and private), and #70 among PUBLIC “national universities.”

Renu’s goals are a) to get us to the Top 50 among publics, AND b) attain AAU membership.

We are getting closer!


I noticed this in the article…

U.S. News no longer considers class size or alumni giving

I knew they did alumni giving in the past, not class size. However, I wonder just how much that change impacted the rankings.

Aren’t we still penalized for our graduation rates?

If we can improve that, we can jump up the rankings even more

See my article.

That’s one area where UH undergrad has VASTLY improved.

It’s still not where I’d like it to be, but it’s no longer a huge ratings liability.

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So is this ranking essentially an anti-commuter school ranking

Well Alabama is #170

We are a better school than Alabama.

They are THE flagship school of the state of Alabama and we are the third largest public school in the state of Texas.

Yes, they have a better football program but we are the better academic institution


Houston jumped Cinci. I think this new criteria addressed inherent flaws that the old system had.

Now UH needs that AAU designation ASAP

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And Auburn is #93. #WDE

“Flagship?” They’re 77 spots behind the best school in the state. :unamused:


Cincinnati is not a bad school. I don’t know much about their undergrad side, but they’re very strong medically. They run one of the best children’s hospitals in the country and are strong in a number of other specialities too.

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Hey hey hey, Forrest Gump went to Alabama lol.

Yeah and he should have been minding his own business last year so Dana could steal Tulane’s playbook. Instead Tulane watched UH film

This was not a remarkable ascent in UH’s rank. The rise was due to changes in measures used by USNews. Last years rankings would be similar to this years if the same measures were used in both. When this years measures include “transforming the
lives of economically disadvantaged students” and last years does not you are comparing a number to nothing.

Whether UH actions caused measures to rise or fall would require a lot of digging. Since the two years rankings use different measures comparison is basically impossible.

UH has a higher rank with this years measures. So do many public universities across the country. UH rose by 31. Florida Atlantic rose by 53.

Private universities will have lower ranks than last year. This is because they want to be judged on academics, not other measures.

So anyways… we’re Top 70!! Let’s keep it going!


Not to take away the jump. USNWS ranking methodology has changed that has caused jumps for many schools including the one at College Station. They have removed Class Size and Alumni giving from the equation.

i ain’t reading all that. i’m happy for you tho. or sad that happened.


Getting the medical school really helped.

Cinci has a large university affiliated medical facility next to campus. As a result, they get a large amount of research dollars.