UH/USF Spread

Houston - 8

Wow can believe that, fav by 8

Well if you’ve seen their performances against Ecu, Tulsa, and uconn it makes definitely makes sense.

Vegas are no dummies. We are just as good as they are (or better) but at home.

I have UH winning 48-21


line just moved UH -9

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Yeah, UH -9. But that’s the early line. It’s frequently off by a couple of points, but even so, -7 against the #20 team is pretty impressive.

Trying to get bettors to take USF


This will be the toughest pass defense we have played year to date. Fortunately we have a QB and a receiver that help us be a solid running team as well and that is USF’s weakness.

USF has an average passing attack but the thing to look out for is they have a good receiving tight end and good 6-3 and 6-2 receivers. Other than TSU and Tulsa, the top receiver against us has been 6-2 or taller.

Speaking of height, I haven’t seen anything about why Isaiah Johnson missed the game. Did he get hurt near the end of the ECU game and I’m just having a brain fart not remembering it?

re: IJ
I don’t know, I assumed during the game it was about defensive alignment against the option.

If UH plays like they did against Arizona they’ll beat USF. If they play like they did against Tulsa and Navy it’ll be problematic. You can’t keep depending on the 2nd half to get it together.

Luckily UH normally plays up to their opponents so I would look for them to be ready for this one, but it should be tight.

I believe Isiah has a back issue.

If UH offense plays like that [Tulsa 3 qtrs] and defense like TTU and 1st half Navy while USF sticks to their season resume, take the Under! It could be a 10-10 game in the 4th quarter.

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USF will be a very tough game, even here. I expect them to come out and play their best game of the year. But I also expect our Coogs to come out pumped and play hard. It should be a great game…

Teams usually struggle after playing Navy. Sore legs and all. Also, they have receivers and we’re suspect. Interesting spread.