UH v #25 Cincinnati thread. (2:30pm on ESPN2)

I’m fired up for this one. Ranked team in HTown.

" What you need to know: Houston vs. No. 25 Cincinnati"


Weather should be niceee. 72° high, 60° low


Line opens at Houston +6.5 per CBS

Vegas has been shockingly accurate this year.

How did they do on the UH-UNT game?


They missed by 4 TD’s


From what I’ve seen of UC, they have a good D. Coogs will struggle to move the ball but can make it close if the defense steps up.

Just need to channel our inner Buckeyes…




What I have seen is that they want to smash the other team in the mouth on the run game, dare you to pass and when you have to pass play it well. How we do against them is going to tell us a lot about who we are. Not OU, Not WSU, a lot more like Tulane.

They are EXACTLY like Tulane. Where we can beat them is by making them pass. They are one of the worst pass protection teams in the conference and have been statistically bad on 3 and 8+ . Good news for us is that Ridder isn’t as good as any QB we’ve played so far (except PV). It’s also worth mentioning that their WR group is not very explosive. I think that’s a reason Ridder has had to hold the ball so long. A bunch of coverage sacks.

Anenih and Parrish will put pressure on him for sure! Sorry to break it to the box score scouts, this is a winnable game.


Washington St & Tulane were very beatable but look how that work out :triumph::triumph::triumph:

I keed I keed


As a passer the Tulane QB was one of the worst I’ve seen in FBS this year. It would be helpful if Ridder is an even worse passer but I’m expecting he is not that inaccurate.


I think what is going to separate the two of them are their targets. Ridder relies very heavily on dinking and dunking because Cinci’s WRs don’t stretch the field. Then on the other hand McMillan may have been inaccurate but the guys he throws to can stretch the field, and occasionally he’ll get lucky on a few explosive passes. Ridder doesn’t have that luxury. Tulane’s offense as a whole was more of a threat.

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Cincinnati’s strength is their running game. If we can’t slow them down, we are toast. I am thinking sell out to stop the run and make them pass to beat us.


Michael Warren is a beast…he could go for a hundo and a half against us if we don’t clamp down.

After watching the UCF game they did nothing special against Warren, but they limited him for most of the game. Our run defense is really starting to take shape. Have to bet on the Coogs’ run defense at home. He might still run for a buck-50 but the most important key is to keep Ridder from throwing TD’s. This can be done.

Edit: Cinci was held to ZERO rushing TDs. I"m sure CJC will find out how to replicate that.


Between Warren and their TE (Deguara ) their offense is clearly not the same vertical threat that Tulane was but they find ways to make up for it by being methodical on drives. Have to force them behind the chains. That takes the ball out of Warren’s hands, forces Ridder to hold the ball, and allows the defense to focus in on Deguara.

I agree that we could lose to beatable teams. It’s gonna be that type of year, where most games are winnable but not a certainty.

Under the circumstances I guess I accept that over really thinking we’re gonna lose. It’s kinda of like last year…but with optimism that we’re in the process of growing out of it.

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The team will have a chip on their shoulder all year and won’t be expected to win most of their remaining games. Perfect conditions IMO


Agreed. From a culture change perspective, get a couple upsets and guys start to really buy in. Coach has to be thrilled with this opportunity.