UH v UGONE Oct 19, 2019 Game Thread

$5 tickets

Believe it or not, I think this is a very important game.

Temp at game time will be below 55. UH players are like lizards, active in warm weather but slow down in the cold


55! Dang how do you even train for that?


There has been almost no talk about this game. As a fan base are we just “meh” at this point?

Yes, I think the excitement has worn off the Holgo hire at this point with the current results. Only us diehards are paying attention to the details.

At the same time, UConn is epically bad. If we don’t win this game…


The only thing to talk about is who will take snaps.

I’m expecting the big DL from Canada to have a big game.

No one cares, our season is basically over and UConn sucks, probably crappy tv ratings tomorrow

A game made for Facebook tv. Lol.

If Tune is not good to go, who do you go with?

I don’t think Logan is ready and honestly note sure why he gets reps at WR.

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Amongst the UGone crowd the main topic:
HC Edsell has no buyout $ after 12/01/19.

Does he get fired on 12/02 12:01 am ?


Do they let it twist in the wind in what looks like a rough 1st year as an independent in 2020?

WR reps cuz he’s a really good blocker for our running game😁

That was a good broadcast. The best I have had the pleasure of watching this season. Good commentary, high quality streaming, and a Coog win… of course.


I can believe it if the importance is not to lose. Winning with style would be nice since that is what is expected. This board will be “fun” if the margin is similar to PVA&M.


  1. the Coogs can get a nice lead and
  2. Dana wants to work on some things

I could see UConn covering the 22-pt spread. vs. UConn: Tulane was favored 34 and UCF was was favored by 42. UConn is 2-4 ATS. Hoping it is 2-5 after tomorrow afternoon.

Question is will they covered the 22 point spread?

i say we win by 21

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