UH Vintage Memorabilia

I don’t see a thread about vintage memorabilia. So I thought I post here
I saw a interesting clock at a stand at the tri-star card show this weekend. Had UH logos I’ve never seen before. Saw it Saturday did some research that night, came back Sunday… gone, sold. I was so sad

Anybody else see or have some cool collections ?


Very cool clock. I need to start collecting some more and add this kind of stuff to my office.


Cool find!

Great replicas from the Charlie Hustle website.


OL Jim Wells #68

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More replicas from homage.

Got one of these? He’s been in the smiling position most of this season.


I am too old to figure out how to send to you all, but i have a photo etch hanging on my wall that was taken at a Cotton Bowl from the 70’s.
It shows some UH cheerleaders holding up a sign in the endzone stating, “COTTON BOWL THE COUGARS HOME AWAY FROM THE DOME”


I had a clock like this for years. I have sold off my collection but I still have some cool stuff

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I had a red, SWC mug which had all the member school shields. It was stolen out of my car…
I have a bunch of little trinkets and small novelties from the 70’s and 80’s.

Please PM me with pictures and possible buys. Thank you.

No problem. Will do!

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I posted some pictures of “classic” U of H designs. Could our School buy the copyright to these designs? I would much prefer buying a shirt directly from our University. Does anyone know if we do get some kind of royalty(s)?

I have my dad’s old license plate from his SigEp days. (He says “007” was taken.) I think this was on a red Ford Mustang. He’d rather have the car back than the plate!


Most of these look like official UH logos from different eras and the sites look legitimate so I would assume everything is licensed through UH. I wish the school would embrace the older logos more like they did with the Phi Slama Jama apparel in the last few years.

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Send me your phone number and I will send photos as I dig stuff up

Thank you Butch.

I can’t lie I looked at this for a minute and I was like “whose logo is that?”


Awesome! I’m a sucker for vintage/retro UH gear & logos…glad you started this sub.

Might post some stuff from my collection on here sometime.

What is the werewolf at 5 o clock?