UH Volleyball #20 UH v #10 BYU tonight on ESPN2

Should be a GREAT Big 12 match!


What time?

8:00 pm


These BYU girls are REALLY good.

I can see why they are in the Top Ten and are undefeated.

I can’t remember ever beating BYU in a sport. I still remember that buzzer beater they hit at the Fertitta Center in basketball; and of course we have never beaten them in football.

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We crushed them in Provo in men’s hoops a few years ago.

We are 0-3 in Big 12 action so far. Soccer got blasted by Tech. Football we all know. And now tonight where it seems like we fell apart after tough game one loss.

I think we beat BYU in the 2006 basketball NIT.

We beat TCU in Men’s cross country recently. :smirk:


Yes that is correct. I was in school at that time and was at that game :slight_smile: