UH vs #19 Texas - Game 1 Friday - 6:30pm ESPN+ (L 1-0)

Guess we will get a better idea how good we really are , this ain’t TSU an TAMCC

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3 starters out…guess this will be a pretty good indicator of our depth.

Well, I’ve been holding out signing up for ESPN+, but I guess I found out what it takes for me to do it. I just signed up for it. lol The fact is that I would have paid more to go to all 3 of these games that the price of one month.


Yes Sir !!! BTHO Bonghorns

I have still held out but this series has reeallllly tempted me. Lol

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It’s definitely worth it.

Rivas update:

Dang, not good news.

Go ahead and scroll down to the Houston opponent and click on HOUSTON and tell me what pops up?!?!

It’s a link to HCC NOT UH.

Very funny horns

It’s game time. Lets get er done.

Some students at the last basketball game had a big flag that said “HORNS DOWN”.

Wanted to go give them scholarships!!

Hope they go hang that over the fence in the visitors pen area.

Not much I enjoy more than hatin’ on the evil empire.

Dang. Gotta get off Twitter…ESPN feed running about 40 seconds behind for me. Time to refresh and see if that helps.

Strong first inning for both pitchers. 0-0

Zip zip after 2.

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Lovelace is a very good catcher.

Big K by Gasser with two on. On to the b4 0-0

Getting little feisty there…I fu@&)*% HATE TU with a passion

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Bottom 5. Zip Zip

Why is our DH our DH? Not good at the plate.

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