UH vs #5 OkieSt



Dez Bryant’s last game in college I think…

I’ll never forget that game!

Good times.


Still give my cousin crap about getting married during this game.

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Do you call him CC ! CrapCousin.

His name is DJ. Since then I’ve called him JD due to his backwards thinking. True story.



I was at this game with a buddy of mine. After the game, listening to the local radio guys moan about the loss was pure gold.

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Same. I remember their radio guys saying “ you let Houston come here and beat you! Houston!” But all the osu fans I came across were super friendly and very welcoming.

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That win essentially put us back on the CFB map, followed it up by beating TT, unfortunately lost to UTEP but then beat Mississippi State as well


I remember watching the game in the Cajun cabin at Bayou Cabins in Breaux Bridge, LA. Needless to say that the fais do-do was extra enjoyable that weekend!

I was in Oklahoma that weekend so I went up to Stillwater to watch that game. Had to “gimme three steps” my way out of a bar after that last TD.


I remember when the wind and rain started vs Ok St at the Rob 4th quarter when Ok St got the ball. Perfectly timed.


I remember this game vividly. Me and the fam sat with several OkSt alums, surrounded by nothing but orange. We were very respectful while cheering on our team. Initial smiles from the surrounding crowd were slowing changing to frowns.

I was at Lucky’s with about 50 or so Coogs, We had our own semi-private room. There were also at least 100 Horn fans in the main room which made for an interesting afternoon.

Would’ve loved to seen the fan posts before, during, and after this game on the message board

Pulled an almost-all-nighter the night before for my brother’s bachelor party…in a lot of ways, the early start the following day limited the effects of my hangover and stinging bug eyes. A truly memorable win!