UH vs. Incarnate Word Tuesday @ 6:30 pm (W 8-1)

Fellas from my neck of the woods in San Antonio

They’re 13-12 on the year with an RPI of 253. Toughest team they’ve played are the Aggies who they lost to 12-5. Have not beaten a team with a winning record this year and are currently on a 4 game losing streak after getting swept at Lamar over the weekend. They score around 6 runs per game, but give up 7.

Should be a blowout, but have to take them seriously. Remember HBU.




Incarnate Word enters Tuesday’s game with a 13-12 overall record and has lost four straight.
The Cardinals were swept in a Southland Conference series at Lamar this past weekend.
Incarnate Word is hitting .277 as a team, led by Kyler Genebacher’s .386 average, while David Anaya paces the team with 17 RBI.
The Cardinals are 28-of-25 on the base paths with Mark Whitehead leading the way with 11 stolen bases.
The pitching staff owns a 6.33 ERA and has 156 strikeouts to 104 walks in 219.0 innings.
Bernie Martinez is 3-0 with a 1.17 ERA in six starts, while fanning 27 in 38.1 innings, while Ramon Salazar is 4-1 with a 4.58 ERA in 11 appearances out of the pen.


Houston and Incarnate Word have met twice in program history.
The series between the Cougars and Cardinals is split, 1-1.
Last Meeting | April 25, 1995 | Game 1: UIW 5, UH 1, Game 2: UH 7, UIW 3

HBU has been to the regionals.

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HBU also threw their ace against us on a Tuesday, something Incarnate Word won’t be doing.

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Same lineup again:

Wong C
Lockhart RF
Davis DH
Scheiner SS
Triolo 3B
Padgett CF
Julks LF
Monacy 1B
Hollis 2B

Cumbie P

Top 1st
K#1, Ground out, single, walk, and K#2

M1…No score

Bottom 1st
Wong Ks swinging
Lockhart walks
Davis walks, Lockhart to 2nd
Wild pitch moves Lockhart to 3rd, Davis thrown out at 2nd
Scheiner Ks swinging

T2…No score

Top 2nd
K#2, ground out, ground out; quick inning for Cumbie

M2…No Score

Bottom 2nd
Triolo Ks swinging
Padgett walks
Julks flies out deep to left center
Padgett to 2nd on a balk
Monacy walks
Hollis grounds out to the pitcher

T3…No Score

Top 3rd
3 ground outs and another quick inning for Cumbie

M3…No Score

Bottom 3rd
New pitcher for Incarnate Word
Wong K’s swinging
Lockhart bounces one off the pitcher for a single
Davis pops out to short
Scheiner flies out to the left center wall

T4…No Score

Top 4th
Fly out, ground out, single, foul out

M4…No Score

Bottom 4th
New pitcher for Incarnate Word
Triolo lines out to 2nd
Padgett grounds out to the pitcher
Julks triples to left center
Monacy walks
Wild pitch scores Julks, Monacy to 2nd…Coogs lead 1-0
Hollis singles to left, Monacy thrown out at the plate

T5…UH leads 1-0

Not sure its a good idea to send the runner when the LF has the ball before the runner hits the 3rd base bag

Top 5th
K#4, single, pick off, K#5

M5…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 5th
New pitcher for Incarnate Word
Wong walks
Wong caught stealing at 2nd
Lockhart singles to right
Lockhart to 2nd on a wild pitch
Davis singles to center, Lockhart scores, Davis to 2nd on the throw…Coogs lead 2-0
Scheiner infield single to 3rd, Davis to 3rd
Triolo fielder’s choice to 3rd, Davis out at the plate, Scheiner to 2nd
Padgett reaches on an error by the 2B, Scheiner scores, Triolo to 2nd…Coogs lead 3-0
Julks flies out to right

T6…UH leads 3-0

We have to stop getting thrown out at the plate.

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Top 6th
Ground out, single to short, flyout to center, lineout to 3rd

M6…UH leads 3-0

Bottom 6th
New pitcher for Incarnate Word
Monacy singles to right center
Hollis Ks looking
Wong singles to left center, Monacy to 2nd
Passed Ball moves Monacy to 3rd, Wong to 2nd
Lockhart walks to load the bases
New pitcher for Incarnate Word
Passed Ball scores Monacy, Wong to 3rd, Lockhart to 2nd…Coogs lead 4-0
Davis flies out to shallow center
Scheiner singles to center, Wong and Lockhart score…Coogs lead 6-0
Triolo fouls out

T7…UH leads 6-0

Top 7th
Flyout, Groundout, Groundout

M7…UH leads 6-0

Bottom 7th
Sigh…new pitcher for Incarnate Word
Padgett singles to right
Julks Ks swinging
Monacy grounds into a 6-4-3 double play

T8…UH leads 6-0