UH vs Rice ticket tracker

I don’t know if they opened up all seats or not.

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Man. I aint falling for that again


Same but now I feel obligated to report on it since I opened that box up last week.


So, are the gray areas are supposed to be sold out? Of course sold seats don’t mean bodies will be in them. Many may be seats bought by brokers who bought them for resale.

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Selling my three in section 236, row 1, for 90 total.

Well the issue is last week the website made it seem like the entire lower bowl was sold out, and then like thursday or Friday they opened up like 10,000 more tickets.

Nope, not all the seats opened up yet.

Be ready for raging crowds of 18-20K for the rest of the season!

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Don’t care. Just start winning games please


lol this neccesary??? lol :rofl:

Was it necessary for you to let Cell get to his perfect form?

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The paper city article said they expect 25,000 based on ticket sales… not too good considering we sold 22,000 season tickets


After reading this board 25000 would be a refreshing number. At least my son and I won’t be alone lol


Its like every other UH vs Rice game there are plenty of tickets available if you want to go.

I predict 24,437.

I’ll be there

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I predict 26,969.


I predict 23500

With 22,000 season tickets sold, you mean 1,500 students, walk up and visitors combined?

I’ll be there! Tailgating at 1 pm. Go Coogs!

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