UH vs. Rice tickets?

I was looking at getting a few tickets to the UH vs. Rice game at Tudor Fieldhouse, but it looks like they’re doing a gimmick where you can’t buy single game tickets for UH, and have to get another game.

Am I looking at this right? If so, I don’t blame them for trying to maximize revenue by having people buy extra tickets…but still annoying.

Well, if they require me to buy a ticket to two Rice games in order to get just one ticket for the UH game, I will just stay home. I might - just MIGHT - try to buy a single ticket to the game at the gate the night of the game. If that is impossible, I will just go home; to “H” with them!

I watched a game there a few years ago and just knew they had paid off the refs, and I swore I would never watch a game there again. They are making it very easy to keep that oath!

Why are we even playing them - in anything?


I got mine off the Ticketmaster site which was easier.

Did they sell you a ticket (or more) for just the game with UH, or did they force you to buy for two games?

Ticketmaster let me just buy for the UH game.

FYI, I was able to get the individual game tickets by going to the Rice site and looking more closely.

Hope that we have the vast majority of fans there. There are still a lot remaining, and no matter how bad Rice is, they seem to always play us tough over there.

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We did the same thing to Texas Tech fans a couple of years ago for football, can’t be too mad.

Walk up tickets: End court GA $15.00, side court upper $20.00, side court chair back $40.00.

I’d be surprised if it got anywhere near a sellout. Just walk up.

Not remotely close to the same. We held tickets back from them so our fans could fill the seats first.
Rice is not going to fill anything and need us there or no one will show.

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Ticketmaster link if anybody needs it

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Also, parking lot closest to Tudor is $5 and Greenbriar lot is free.

Easy - when they buy off the refs!

Thanks for the info; the only thing is my problem with Ticketmaster. I don’t like their fees, so I buy NOTHING from them if I can help it.


Rice athletics has my email since I purchased the football game tickets last year from them. Received email today with a link into their ticket office. You can purchase single game tickets for our game tomorrow without having to purchase another game. I looked and there were several $20 seats available. So it looks like we can contact Rice athletics directly to purchase tickets and not having to go through Ticketmaster.

Saw general admission was 15 and the rest of the seats between 20 and 30. The resell on stub hub is crazy with tickets between 40 and 80.

Cristian and All - No need to go aftermarket as I said in my post a couple of hours ago there are numerous good $20 seats available through Rice Athletics ticket office on both sides of the court.

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I will drive over and try to go to the game - just walk up and buy a ticket. If they have sold out (doubt it), or if they give me any lip, I will just walk away; they have probably paid the refs to throw the game anyway! Screw Rice - and the camel they rode in on.


Where are the UH supporters seating?

When I looked at the seating chart it appears there were several seats already sold in section 211 which is behind the visitors bench in Tudor Fieldhouse. I am guessing that is where U of H fans are sitting.

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You can likely sit basically everywhere except behind the Rice bench. End zone seats are popular, and sitting high up on either sideline is OK too. - Don’t forget to wear red.