UH vs. SMU Ticket Package

In case you know anyone that is interested:

im beginning to wonder why even buy season tix when these packages keep coming out and they are cheaper than buying season tickets

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Because you get better seats. Next question.

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“Gotta support the team”

  • David Puddy

I hear you but I don’t think I want to sit in the seats that are included. Season tickets are more to support the university and have the same good seats for each game. I do wish they still had the Memorial Hermann Family 4-Pack of season tickets because I might do that.

I know someone that gave up season tickets to a major university (he is not an alum but his wife is) because he tired of paying for the contribution and tickets for some weak OOC games and some boring in conference match ups. He figured he could buy much better seats to the really good games and come out waaaay ahead. The thought has crossed my mind on UH season tickets – the entry into the Big XII has put a hold on that idea for now but I am starting to reach the same conclusion.

Right now, I can go on StubHub and buy Sec 130 or 128 tickets for under $60 each for the best home game of the season. Tickets were in the $40s mostly in that area for ECU. With my kids getting older and the sports conflicts with UH events occurring more often, it is something for me to consider.

Supporting UH athletics is not about coming out ahead… This isn’t about us … It’s about support for the student athletes, the programs for which they play for and the university. We are looking for more unconditional supporters of said student athletes and their programs… The conditional supporters are welcomed but cannot be counted on, when you’re trying to build something sustainable… Anybody can show up when things are going well… It’s what you have to work with, when things aren’t quite where we all want them to be. This isn’t the NFL or NBA, where you can check in and out… I mean, I guess you can do whatever you want, but please don’t pretend like these kids and coaches owe you anything. Just because you’re in the top whatever percentile of the typical UH supporter doesn’t make you a top-shelf fan. Compare yourself to the best fans of the programs we aspire to be like and ask yourself how you grade out. In general, our “fans” should not be the barometer.


My family of 4 is going! Go Coogs! Beat SMU!


Neither of us said anything about the kids and coaches owing us. They don’t just like I don’t owe the UH Athletics Department anything. My comments were purely for personal finances and I will do whatever I want. If you want to put supporting college athletics programs ahead of everything else, that is fine for you but everyone has to do what makes sense for their family. I would rather be a top-shelf dad and look out for my family’s welfare than a top-shelf fan. Sorry if I am not living up to your expectations and thank you for taking a financial topic and trying to make it personal.

My comments weren’t even a direct response to your post, CougarDave… It was in response to those wondering why we even bother buying season tickets. Everyone is so sensitive/defensive around here… Insecure is probably the best way of putting it. Anyways, if you’re a good dad, while being the best fan you can be, what else matters?

Sorry if I misread but your first line after my financial analysis of my friend looked like a direct response to Bandera and me.

I am generally not that sensitive and try to keep sports in perspective to more important things but I am not sure how I was supposed to not assume this was directed at me.

My apologies for the mix up.

Well said. The return on investment for purchasing tickets should be the experience of being at a live sporting event, period. The expectation of winning or losing should be secondary when deciding to go to a sporting event.

Probably not a good thing for you but you are my new best friend on coogfans.

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