UH vs TAMU at Toyota Center

I received an email this morning about tickets for the Double Header with a Promo Code to access “best available seats at all price levels”. But, the Promo code doesn’t work. The system says it is Invalid. Anybody else with this issue?

I’m guessing this game is not part of the season ticket package?

No, it is not part of the season ticket package. I’m thinking all season ticket holders should receive the email I’m referring to. I tried to call our ticket office twice but couldn’t hold.

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It worked for me. Lower level seats are $45 to $75, and there are a few floor seats for $130. I presume that is for both games.

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I tried it 3 times this morn and it didn’t work. Just did again after seeing your note, and it worked this time! Can’t imagine I entered incorrectly 3 times earlier, but guess I did. Thanks…

Didn’t get an email

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Never saw the floor seats or would have purchased in a heartbeat. The ones that popped up for me were the same price as without the code.

Got the email today.

Count me among those who have received NOTHING from UH ticket office on this.

I got an email this morning.

Not much is available but got it in sec 113

Man, I really shoulda checked on this sooner. They’re picked pretty clean and kinda pricey. I had a big group that wanted to go, but might have to skip this one.

Thought about going too, but did not receive email and aftermarket ticket prices are too high. So may have to just watch on TV unless last minute price drops happen.

Damn it… Guess I’ll put that $ towards going to Kansas… It is my birthday, though…

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There are plenty of tickets when you purchase through Toyota Center / the Rockets.


Are they like 200 dollars like the ones on stub hub?


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Yeah, they’re reasonably affordable considering you get two games to watch. The Toyota Center ticket site shows the map looking like it’s “greyed out”, but just hover the mouse over a section and click to see what is available. You click on the dots to choose those seats. The fees tack on some more $$, but many are still well under $100.

Here’s the link. Hopefully it works. If not, just search for Halal Guys Showcase.

Halal Guys Showcase Presented By Gallery Furniture

Lots available behind baskets.

Quite a doubleheader! Sure beats the Dickies Arena doubleheader of UH vs St Mary’s and TAMU vs Boise.

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