UH vs Tulane score prediction

UH 42
TU 41


Coogs 31-27

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UH 38 Wave 28

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Tulane: some
UH: more than Tulane

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UH 42
Toolame 35

34-30 Coogs win


Tulane 33
Houston 27
Seeing if predicting against will change things up

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Is Tulane’s qb mobile? If not we have a chance.

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Wow… I was expecting more predictions.

Are yall good ??!

Tulane 27
UH 24

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I hope not

UH 35
TU 30

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That’s better

UH - 13
Ripples - 8

My prediction was before I knew Tulane’s QB was out.

Ok hope so we win somehow

I had no idea. Been out of reception all week. But surprised after reading the threads this is first I’m seeing about his injury.
Edit see it just got reported

Is the next qb for them dual threat as the backup?

Where did the Wave QB injury get reported? Did not see anything online.