UH's baseball field to be named Don Sanders Field

The new name will be Don Sanders Field at Darryl & Lori Schroeder Park. Sanders is a well-known local businessman and philanthropist.

In 2015, Sanders, along with Joe Gutierrez, funded a state-of-the-art scoreboard at Schroeder Park. Sanders also has the stadium named after him at Sam Houston State.

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Excellent news, now it’s time to reach Omaha



Awesome! Thank you for your generosity Mr. Sanders.

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"On behalf of the student-athletes, coaches and everyone affiliated with Houston Baseball, I thank Don Sanders for his generous gift and continued support,” Whitting said. “Don has been a longtime personal friend to me and a great supporter of our program over the years.

“This generous gift from Mr. Sanders will allow us to achieve substantial completion of the state of the art clubhouse at Darryl and Lori Schroeder Park in early 2019. I am honored to announce that going forward, our facility will be named Don Sanders Field at Darryl and Lori Schroeder Park.”

“This donation is a tribute to Coach Todd Whitting, Traci Cauley and their staff, for their energy, efforts, desire and determination in helping make the University of Houston Baseball program one of the best in the country,” Sanders said.

“Don Sanders has been a major proponent of our student-athletes and continues to be with his latest gift in support of the Houston Baseball program,” Houston Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman said. “We cannot thank him enough for his generosity and for providing a positive impact on our Baseball student-athletes who continue to compete for championships while supporting our mission to build champions for life.”