UH's Dana Holgorsen evaluating early signing class for good fits

“It’s unfortunate coaching changes happen, so you have to make sure it’s the right fit,” Holgorsen said Monday during a session with reporters at the American Football Coaches Association Convention. “If those guys want to opt out of their NLIs (national letters of intent) because they don’t like me, I’m not going to stop them no matter who they are. And vice versa, if there’s some things that specific guys aren’t going to fit what we do, I’m going to be honest and say you’ve got three weeks here coming up that you might want to opt out of the NLI and go visit some other schools.”


Transparency! What kind of sorcery is this?


I agree with this line of thinking no sense in making someone come here that isn’t all in to playing here you risk the chance to have that or those players imploding the locker room and thats never a good thing.

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Great insight. It looks like he has A TON of work to do with no Time to breathe given the deadlines. Can we start a Redbull Watch or count?

  1. Hire best coaches available in our weakest spots and add additional recruiting staff.
  2. Evaluate current signing class.
  3. Market, find,& recruit 6 or more for signees that don’t assimilate
  4. Cut or retain current signing class.
  5. Convince boosters to BOOST, lobby for FB Ops building
  6. Spring FB preparation
  7. Make throwback uniforms the regular uniform. :sunglasses:

Over/under on the number of Rb consumed? + 5 gal.


Giving the kids the option to back out is honorable. But UH and Dana should honor every kid’s scholarship regardless of his opinion of them.

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This is a trending topic across the CFB, players want the freedom to leave and play immediately, so tit 4 tat would say that Universities can lobby for the same. I don’t have an argument to defend or promote paying student-athletes, but if CFB is considering it one would assume that guarantees will be almost non-existent for coaches and players.

On the flip-side, since 90% of players DO NOT have the fame to make demands, I would agree with you for the sake of the group. A school should honor the scholly. Many may just want a great education, play some ball, and get some extra cash along the way.


But I don’t want to HIjack the topic, so I’ll leave it at that and comment further on the appropriate thread. appropriate thread

he should just fill up a camelback with Red Bull. Get a GA to make sure it stays filled.

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I like this and was thinking the same. If a kid was offered and he has signed, it should be totally up to the kid if he stays or goes. An honest assessment of the kid chances to play/fit into the scheme is necessary and good, but I don’t think there is anything the coach can do if a kid chooses to stay except make their life miserable when they get on campus. I hope CDH is not like that.


The fact that most are failing to realize is CDH is just being extremely transparent. The sad and honest truth is that a lot of players are pushed out by coaches each semester, annually, and are encouraged to look elsewhere for playing time. CDH is just being open with it and as long as he’s not tagging student athletes in his posts following with the phrase “hey, kid kick rocks” then this should be a non-issue. The only thing that’s suspect about his proclamation is the kids that he hasn’t even had a chance to evaluate yet being pushed aside. But then again:

" if there’s some things that specific guys aren’t going to fit what we do, I’m going to be honest and say you’ve got three weeks here coming up that you might want to opt out of the NLI and go visit some other schools"

could mean a cultural makeover, (i.e. getting with the program).

I doubt he’s walking around looking for weakness in their playing ability with no camp even in place…

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It’s much harder on the kids, who’ve forgone other (possibly vacated) opportunities.

I feel if they can walk away then so can we. That’s life.

He did not say he would not honor committments. He said he would be honest with them and let them decide if they want them to sttsy or leave.


He has to honor it. He’s just giving them option to back out and maybe suggest it. He can’t pull a scholarship.

True, but scholarships are one-year agreements. I don’t think this will be an issue. They might tell one or two guys they should consider looking around. We’ve parted ways a number of times with commitments, and I’m pretty sure a player or two signed by UH would be able to latch on somewhere else in February with little problem, even if it possibly is a smaller school.

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He won’t yet(wait till Spring camp), but yes he can. The head coach has full autonomy with who stays and moves on from the team. The NLI binds the players to the school by way of a financial agreement, and not the other way around. The head coach has the ability to forgo renewing any player’s scholly, during any semester for a number of reasons.

Again, I don’t think CDH is sending text messages saying they’re too short or too slow; he’s giving them the opportunity to ready themselves for Spring ball( for the EE’s). Some coaches wouldn’t even do that, and players would just be sitting on the roster for a full year.

He’s unorthodox about this, but he isn’t wrong.

We need more space for freezers to hold Red Bull six packs and make sure everybody is on board.

And just like that, UH implemented the Red Bull defense. :slight_smile:

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That really needs to become a thing.

Instead of the turnover chain you get a can of Red Bull.

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Effectively cutting a college player can really hurt schools in recruiting. Mack Brown has already gotten some backlash for doing this at UNC-CHEAT. One high school threw a Carolina Sux Party in response. You have to hope this will be done on a very limited basis.

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