UH's Kellen Sampson has drawn interest from Division I programs

I wonder how long will he hold out.

Kellen Sampson interviewed for a Division I head coaching job this offseason, University of Houston men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson said Thursday.

Are we Division 2?


sometimes you just have to look at things at face value…

he interviewed with D1 programs, rather than D2 or D3 programs.

simple as that.


Huh !!!

Not to take anything away from Coach Kellen but I’m sure they were small D1 programs. Remembering there are 353-- D1 programs in NCAA Basketball. Could have been McNeese St, Akron any other program(s) in smaller Conf(s) across the Country. All lumped together as D1 Basketball programs . Who can forget the small Catholic school in Chicago from couple yrs ago or the Retrievers, the list goes on and on…All D1.

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I think it would be great for him get HC experience. If he is good at the job, when the time came for him return to UH to follow his Dad ( if he so chose) he would be just that much more seasoned.


No. I don’t understand how that question pertains to the article either.

Yes would be great experience for him to run the ship on his own for awhile, then come back when Kelvin hangs up his whistle


Personally, I would love Kellen to stay and maintain the continuity in recruiting. Who’s to say that Kelvin won’t be ready to call it a day in a couple of years. I’d hate to have Kellen in another coaching situation where he is unable or doesn’t desire to return to Houston. We have a good thing going…I do not want anything to rock the boat.

Not to mention…if Kellen goes, that grandbaby goes with him. That might make grandpa awfully upset. :slight_smile:


And grandma – Kellen’s mama! When mama aint happy, aint no one happy.


It’s a gamble either way

What if he leaves and bombs do you want him back? He gets it and bombs how long are you married to him?

Honestly i think it would be better for him to stay and if we maintain this high level of success for the remainder of CKS tenure then I would not have a problem with him being our next head coach. I think it would be 100 percent the right decision.

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