They are in.

Here we go. Get ready.

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Done deal! Now fun begins. What’s the next shoe to fall?

Done in a week! That was fast…

That’s crazy man. A&M brass has got be p/o’ed. Pretty much got told to sit down and shut up. The adults are talking now


Don’t u know the AD feels like sh**!

Money talks. And this is one step closer to levels never seen at the collegiate level.

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So do UT and OU start to see a recruiting bump now and conversely does the rest of the Big 12 see their recruiting slide?

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UT recruiting hasn’t resulted in them winning the conference much in the past.


Yes they can almost get anyone they want. That’s not going to change.

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Ok, now that the SEC has done its did, when do we get the big 12 invite, will there be a leak tonight. Craving some action - fast

Did I hear correctly on the radio? The offer was to join on July 1, 2025? They begin play in Fall of 2025? Seems like they would wish to begin next year and be done with it.

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Since that is when the GOR officially expires, they have to use that date. Many think the date will move up once the legal maneuvering is done or the Big XII dissolves as everyone jumps ship. Only time will tell.

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That is where the official request is at. Now it is time to start negotiating a faster timeline.

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ut won’t get their ways anymore in the SEC

So they are in the SEC 4 years from now. That leaves a lot of time for other conferences to figure out what to do. It may be a couple of years before we see anymore movement. In the meantime, it will also give schools like UH to improve their status. If we continue to have half-filled football stadium, that will not look well with the other conferences, vs UCF/Cincy/Memphis. If the fans want to improve our stock, show up at the football games. Just my opinion.

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Winning will cure a lot of things…

Will they really wait 4 yrs?

They are not in the conference 4 years from now. It is going to be much sooner. Deals will be made to speed it up.


In full honesty, TAMU has the right to be upset. this really is the first topple to ending the market of CFB and causing a split from the NCAA.

I can’t wait to see Texas get all hoo haad for not being able to have any control in the conference.