Uncle Tillman Shutting Down His Business

Well just one of them.


No food delivery service makes money currently. Everyone is trying to consolidate into a monopoly then massively jack up prices. They just haven’t fully made it there yet.

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Thats business especially the food business. You don’t always win.

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How lazy do you have robe to have to get food delivered? I don’t ever use food delivery. That’s silly. I even pick up my Star Pizza order and I don’t live that close to them anymore.

Yep, that’s basically what the article said.

you should take a look at twitter. there was pretty solid discussion for a day or two about how food delivery is actually necessary and not lazy

An odd thing to get upset about.

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Sometimes I use it when I am feeling lazy but most of the time it is the convenience. The cost of fees and tip are much less than my time. Also use it when traveling for work. I can even charge it directly to my company in many cases rather than expensing it for reimbursement. Use it for groceries and stuff too.

I’ve never heard of this biz that’s shutting down.

Also, ordering from Uber Eats and the like is way over priced. Someone gave me some Uber eats gift cards and even though I wasn’t spending my money…it was annoying paying 50% more for food than if Id have gone and gotten it myself

Yes certainly it is more expensive too. So generally I need to do a cost benefit and keep my time saved in mind. Honestly, I use it more than I should.

And also not everyone is able to just go get food and with food delivery they have wider options than the regular fare of meals on wheels or Chinese and pizza. Just because something is superfluous and not vital to us personally doesn’t mean that’s the same for everyone else.


Hey my company has participated with Meals on Wheels. I get that, but the vast majority of uber eats, come on now. You know what I’m talking about.

You’re vastly underestimating the amount of shut-ins in this country. Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But still modern convenience is modern convenience. There is nothing much different with this than anything else we have in the 21st century so far. Why is having a food or meal delivered deserving of condemnation? That’s weird.

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I’ve never used contemporary food delivery services other than pizza. Hell, it’s Houston. There’s a restaurant every 20 feet. I can stop at 249 places on the way home and I only work 13 minutes from home.

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My neighborhood was supposed to get the self driving Dominos delivery car, but covid killed it. Kroger still does deliver in their Prius Nuro robo car. I tried it once to try the future, but there were two guys inside, one driving, one getting the food order ready. Not quite robots.

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Maybe the guys were robots. How can you be sure?

They could have been. Next time I’ll ask to do a captcha just to be sure.