Uncle Tilman speaks


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Says a lot when two billionaire businessmen call out the Big 12 on their BS. But, that is life and you can’t control what other idiots will do. Go Coogs!

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I agree. Two successful billionaires think you are making a foolish business decision, then you probably are. Considering we know T. Boone Pickens has also shown support for UH to Big 12 it might be three.

Maybe Tillman needs to talk to Red about where he sends his money.


TJF has stated elsewhere that the presidents basically could not make a simple important decision in a room together AND that outside forces (ESPN Fox) pretty much hindered any progress they may have had for expansion

or in Navy boatswain language … could not find their patooties (keeping it clean for the faint of heart) with both hands … BECAUSE … they were grabbing bags of $$$$ instead …

OR in sand crab language … $$$ talks and Bevo’s droppings walks … literally …

Which is why Fenves left first …

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I’m not worried about it one way or another.


The only thing I’m worried about is the major competitive advantage those schools get over a non P5 school. Even at that, UH football and baseball hold their own in their respected sport. Is basketball where it shows more.

Things being equal, I could care less about the Big 12 or any P5 conference. Sadly, the powers of be in the Big 12 are cowards and scare to add Houston as a member.

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