Unconventional way to see B12 favoring Houston

The OU game is big just by any football observer’s definition. From a PR perspective any conference wants its new members to excel, especially the season prior to their entry.

If you’re the B12 and you think UH is gonna be competitive in that game you can close the deal and pump that game for all its worth. If UH wins the B12 can sit back and watch a top 5 UH tear through the AAC while referring to UH as “our 11th member”.

You have two streams of advertising: your own conference games and UH’s season.

If OU wins then they just need the game to be competitive and they still get early season buzz off it.

It’s a hedge but…

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It’s definitely an option the Big 12 has, although, I don’t believe it has any influence on their decision making. I believe the main push to announce expansion prior to the season is to hopefully quiet the press during the season. The last thing the Big 12 wants is to be answering expansion questions while they try to make a run at the playoffs. If Houston is added and beats OU on the way to a playoff berth, all the better.

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